Woman Accused Unicorn FoodtechSwiggy’s Delivery Boy of Sexual Misconduct

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Key Highlights

Swiggy’s delivery boy was accused of abusing a woman in Bangalore

The company apologized and offered a free Swiggy coupon of Rs. 200

The victim snatched the food packet and closed the door

Online food ordering and delivery startup, Swiggy, is in trouble after a delivery boy of the company abused women in Bangalore. Soon after the incident, the company apologized and offered a free Swiggy coupon of Rs. 200 ($3). The woman described this whole incident over a Facebook post and demanded an apology.

According to the reports, the delivery boy allegedly forced himself on her, demanding sexual favours from her. First, the victim couldn’t understand what that delivery boy was saying. But soon she realized that he was abusing her and saying vulgar things to her repeatedly. The victim snatched the food packet and closed the door.

Surprisingly, the company wrote her a short apology note and offered her Rs. 200 coupons. After following the complaint, Swiggy again apologized and gave assurance of strict action against the accuser. The company said, “Customer safety and protection is most important to us at Swiggy, and we have zero tolerance towards such immoral behaviour. Ever since we were aware of the incident, we have been in touch with the victim. We have provided our complete support and investigation towards this case and have suspended the delivery partner. Media has wrongly reported the fact that Rs. 200 coupon was a compensation it was just a replacement for her order. Swiggy undoubtedly remains dedicated to bringing consumer safety.” 

In 2017, A Tumblr blog claimed to have been written by former employees of Swiggy, shared the growth story of the company. The four-employee written blog, accused Swiggy of its mismanagement, tricking its customers, cheating restaurant owners, and double-crossing its investors. However, Swiggy denied any of these claims. 


What is Swiggy?


Swiggy is India’s quickest expanding food ordering and delivering company in India. The business was started by, BITS-Pilani alumni SriharshaMajety and IIT-Kharagpur alumnus Nandan Reddy and Rahul Jaimini in 2014. After resigning his office at Myntra the aspiring businessperson Reddy supplied India a comprehensive food ordering and delivery solution and ruled the market. Located in Bengaluru, Swiggy was founded as a startup in August 2014. Started as a company of six delivery agents and dealing with 25 restaurants, Swiggy is presently working in 100 plus cities.

Valued for more than $3.3billion, earlier this month Swiggy acquired Kint.io a startup which trains in applying extensive learning and computer vision for object identifying in videos, for an undisclosed amount. Swiggy’s other winnings include Supr Daily, Scootsy, 48east.


Bangalore-based company Swiggy is a food delivery behemoth, it has been on a spree since 2018. By reaching the Unicorn Club status, Billion dollar funding, and the latest partnerships and products developments. With its introduction in hyperlocal service market of markets and household goods, Swiggy stores. Now, they are seen investing their paws into the ready-to-cook sector as well.

Swiggy’s took the hyper-local delivery sector and has not only produced convenience to its customers but it has also generated new race for other brands as well. Even after meeting a heavy competition from Zomato, Foodpanda, Uber Eats, JustEat; Swiggy launched a new service ‘Swiggy Stores’ which will be available on the same application and will provide users to order items like groceries, medicines, vegetables, Kirana, meat, and other things. 

The Internet and Technology have helped the food delivery companies to rule the market. Swiggy is acknowledged to be a unicorn in the Indian startup business and has made credit in the market. The firm has put up its title with the top e-commerce behemoths such as Flipkart and Walmart.

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