AJIO Unveils AJIOGRAM to Empower D2C Fashion Startups with Interactive E-commerce


Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • E-tailer AJIO has launched AJIOGRAM, a content-driven e-commerce platform to empower Indian fashion startups.
  • The platform aims to onboard 200 exclusive homegrown D2C brands and offer a wide range of fashion options.
  • AJIOGRAM allows brands to connect with customers through content, providing a unique shopping experience. 

Today, AJIO, the popular online retailer, excitingly introduced AJIOGRAM, a cutting-edge direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform filled with captivating content and interactive shopping experiences. This innovative move is designed to uplift Indian fashion startups that are reshaping the industry with their unique vision and inventive products. Accessing this platform is a breeze—simply switch stores within the AJIO app.

The ambitious goal behind AJIOGRAM is to welcome aboard 200 exclusive homegrown D2C brands by the coming year. This ensures customers a diverse array of choices, spanning from trendy streetwear to fast-paced, artisanal, minimalistic, hushed luxury, and even slow, sustainable fashion. AJIO is not just selling products; it’s creating a vibrant space for those who dare to redefine fashion norms.

In expressing his thoughts on the launch, Vineeth Nair, CEO of AJIO, emphasizes, “Today’s discerning shoppers, especially the new generation, are in search of more than just a product; they crave a brand with a vision and purpose. In the dynamic landscape of the Indian direct-to-consumer (D2C) revolution, we’ve witnessed the rise of numerous brands excelling in innovative and mindful fashion. AJIOGRAM strives to unite these brands under one cohesive umbrella, facilitating their expansion and fast-tracking their journey by capitalizing on AJIO’s seamless shopping experience. Through this endeavor, our goal is to empower the next 100 fashion startups blossoming right here in India.”

Pallavi Desai, one of the co-founders at Creatures of Habit, shares, “Being a vibrant startup driven by compelling content, we hadn’t explored listing on a marketplace before because we lacked the space to weave our narrative. Opting to collaborate with AJIO was a strategic choice, given their knack for providing brands with a canvas to engage customers through the narrative they craft. This not only contextualizes our products but also simplifies the process of connecting and conversing with our audience.”

AJIOGRAM boasts an exclusive lineup of top-notch brands, including Urban Monkey, Supervek, Quirksmith, KRÁ Life, Creatures of Habit, Cecil, Truser, Fancypants, MIDNIGHT ANGELS BY PC, Monks of Method, Crafts and Glory, and many more. Nikunj Lotia, widely recognized as BeYouNick, the creative force behind KRÁ Life and a prominent YouTuber, expresses his excitement about introducing his brand, KRÁ, on AJIOGRAM. Reflecting on his role as both an artist and the founder of a grassroots streetwear label, he admires the platform’s meticulous curation, highlighting remarkable brands and fostering a direct connection between emerging fashion entrepreneurs and customers.

Immersed in the content-consumption ecosystem that defines his artistic journey, Lotia is genuinely impressed with AJIOGRAM’s user experience. He believes the platform’s innovative format for product discovery will captivate customers, providing a refreshing and engaging way to explore new offerings. Lotia’s confidence in this unique approach reflects his anticipation that customers will embrace and enjoy the distinctive features of AJIOGRAM.

AJIO, an e-tailer, has launched AJIOGRAM, a content-driven interactive e-commerce platform aimed at empowering Indian fashion startups. The platform can be accessed within the AJIO app and aims to onboard 200 exclusive homegrown D2C brands by next year. AJIOGRAM offers a wide range of options, from streetwear to sustainable fashion, and aims to help fashion startups scale and accelerate their growth. The platform allows brands to communicate with customers through content, providing a space for storytelling and connection. Some of the top brands available on AJIOGRAM include Urban Monkey, Supervek, Quirksmith, and Crafts and Glory. The launch has been met with enthusiasm from both brands and customers.

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