Y Combinator to inject funds in Jetpack Aviation for building a flying motorcycle worth $380k

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Jetpack Aviation to build a flying motorcycle worth $380,000.

The latest model design looks like a helicopter-shaped concept VTOL vehicles.

The latest model claims to move at a speed of more than 150mph at an altitude of 15,000 feet.


In the present era of innovation, nothing is impossible. A human can do any of the impossible tasks if he uses technology in an approximate manner. An eight-person startup Jetpack Aviation is also claiming to build a flying motorcycle worth $380,000. David Mayman CEO and co-founder of Jetpack Aviation is an enthusiast in personal aviation and has spent his several past years and millions while chasing his dreams. He never accepted that jetpacks were just a false fantasy of future but now his company is building them and is in high in the news because he is claiming that it is wise to have a wish to dream of human flight. 

Y Combinator, an international top accelerator renowned for its occasional bizarre bets is gambling on firm and its jet engine obsessed CEO. 

Jetpack Aviation is going to become an innovative name in the market in a few years. The startup this week has initiated pre-orders for the moonshot of moonshots, the Speeder, a personal vertical take-off and landing vehicle having a svelte concept design that resembles straight out of Star Wars or Halo. Sci-fi minded folks are taking great interest in pre-booking round of the first vehicle to ship. They are ready to invest $10,000 in pre-orders. Startup finds it’s interesting by seeing the interest of people and sees its company’s bright future forward.

Australian CEO of Jetpack Aviation is planning to use YC’s investment in gaining access to Silicon Valley’s network of VCs, though he also accepts it’s a right assumption that SF breeds the type of executive that might be interested in pre-ordering something so seemingly outlandish. He will also be using funds to make a full-scale prototype of the speeder. 

Meyman also said it will take at least two years of development time to build a speeder before handling it to finalize customers.  Jetpack Aviation’s recent design is more powerful than most helicopter-shaped concept VTOL vehicles being used by companies including Uber, namely due to its relatively sleek design where the human rider is directly above a set of several gimbals-mounted jet engines. The latest design made by company claims it will move more than 150mph at an altitude of 15,000 feet.

According to the company it is planning several versions, including an ultra light model that complies with some federal regulations and won’t require a pilot’s license. It is going to bring a revolution in technology and the life of humans.

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Himanshu Gupta

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