Garuda Aerospace, Supported by MS Dhoni, Launches Its Inaugural Drone Showroom

Garuda Aerospace Launches First Drone Showroom

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Garuda Aerospace opens India’s first drone showroom in Chennai.
  • Garuda plans to expand rapidly with 20 nationwide showrooms in 6-8 months.
  • Garuda grew from 5 to a top drone leader with DGCA approvals.

Introduction to Garuda Aerospace

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Garuda Aerospace is a leading Indian drone technology company established in 2015. With a fleet of over 400 drones and 500 pilots across 84 cities, Garuda Aerospace is a pioneer in precision agriculture and Industry 4.0 solutions. The company offers 30 drone models and over 50 drone-based services, catering to diverse industry needs. Garuda Aerospace has experienced rapid growth, expanding from a team of 5 to over 200 employees, and has collaborated with prestigious partners like TATA, Reliance, and the Indian government. The company aims to make India the drone capital of the world, driving business growth and addressing challenges like climate change through innovative drone applications.

Garuda Aerospace Opens India's First Dedicated Drone Showroom in Chennai

Garuda Aerospace, a homegrown drone startup, has recently opened India’s first dedicated drone showroom in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The showroom features a wide range of drones suitable for both hobbyists and professionals, all available for direct purchase. This move is considered a significant step forward in increasing accessibility and promoting awareness of drone technology in India.

The cutting-edge showroom offers customers an engaging experience with advanced interactive drone simulators, utilizing VR goggles to deliver an authentic drone flying sensation. Additionally, it boasts a Live LED wall for visitors to book and reserve drone services. The showroom supports a wide range of drone applications, such as First-Person View (FPV), videography, surveillance, agriculture, inspections, and recreational flying. This venue is intended to be an all-inclusive hub for all drone-related requirements.

Garuda Aerospace Aims to Expand Nationwide

Garuda Aerospace intends to increase its reach by launching showrooms in 20 key cities throughout India over the next 6-8 months. This initiative is designed to enhance the accessibility of drone technology nationwide. Additionally, the startup plans to establish 300 showrooms across India to promote wider utilization of drone technology. This expansion is anticipated to greatly elevate consumer awareness and drive direct sales of drones.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, the Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, has affirmed his dedication to ensuring that drone technology is both accessible and user-friendly for all individuals. He stated, “The opening of India’s first drone showroom marks a significant milestone for Garuda Aerospace and the drone industry in India. We are steadfast in our mission to make drone technology accessible and user-friendly for all.”

Anna University Partners with Garuda Aerospace

Dr. R Velraj, the Vice Chancellor of Anna University, commended Garuda Aerospace for their groundbreaking strides in advancing drone technology. He emphasized the significance of Garuda Aerospace’s inaugural drone showroom, heralding it as a catalyst for revolution. Furthermore, he outlined their ambitious vision of establishing 300 similar showrooms nationwide, aiming to catalyze widespread adoption of drones. Dr. Velraj underscored Anna University’s commitment to recognizing drones as pivotal to the future and unveiled plans for a specialized curriculum designed to cultivate a skilled workforce tailored to support Garuda’s extensive drone production endeavors across diverse sectors.

Garuda Aerospace: From 5-Person Team to 200+ Professionals

Established in 2015, Garuda Aerospace has experienced significant growth, expanding from a five-person team to a workforce of over 200 professionals. The company now operates a fleet of more than 400 drones and employs 500 skilled pilots in 84 cities. Garuda Aerospace has successfully sold 2,500 drones to date, with a majority being agricultural drones. The company has set ambitious targets to sell 25,000 agricultural drones within the next two years, as well as a minimum of 25,000 other consumer drones in the coming years.

Garuda Aerospace Secures Dual DGCA Approvals

Garuda Aerospace has the distinction of being the first drone company in India to receive dual DGCA approvals for manufacturing small and medium-category drones as well as for pilot training. With a widespread presence in over 400 districts, Garuda Aerospace commands a 50% market share in the Precision Agri Drone market and possesses 20% of all registered drones in India, establishing its strong leadership position in the industry.

Garuda Aerospace has firmly established itself as a trailblazer in India’s drone industry. The opening of the country’s first dedicated drone showroom in Chennai marks a significant milestone, offering customers an immersive experience with advanced simulators and booking capabilities. Garuda’s ambitious expansion plans to launch 20 showrooms nationwide within 6-8 months, and a bold vision to reach 300 showrooms, demonstrate its commitment to elevating drone accessibility and adoption. Backed by partnerships with prestigious institutions like Anna University, Garuda Aerospace has rapidly grown from a 5-person team to an industry leader, commanding a 50% market share in precision agriculture drones.

Manvendra Hada

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