Expertrons: Skilled Tech Startup Secures Investment from Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd.


Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • The newly acquired funds will fuel product development, SEO efforts, and global expansion for the startup.
  • The startup employs a patented videobot tech platform linking users to 7500+ experts from companies such as Amazon and Accenture.
  • The startup uses AI-driven suggestions to match users with relevant video content based on their interests and company preferences.

Expertrons, a skilled technology startup, secured investment from Hindustan Media Ventures Limited (HMVL). It’s worth mentioning that HMVL is also the proprietor of a significant contender in the employment arena,

Other notable participants in the funding round included Echjay Family Office, Amar Ujala, along with continuing supporters like Ivycap Ventures, Iceland Venture Studio, Venture Catalysts, Ah Ventures, and various other investors.

The latest funding will be allocated towards enhancing product development, driving SEO efforts, and fostering overall expansion. This will empower Expertrons to extend its reach to a wider global audience of professionals.

“We embarked on this journey upon recognizing that a multitude of skilled individuals were devoid of essential career insights, frequently confined to a fortunate minority,” stated Jatin Solanki, one of the Co-founders of Expertrons.”

Expertrons Utilizes AI-Driven Suggestions for Personalized Career Guidance

Utilizing AI-driven suggestions, the skill-focused tech startup offers users pertinent video companions influenced by their educational backgrounds, alma mater, field of interest, and company inclinations. Those aiming for professional success can effortlessly avail these video companions and even arrange individual sessions with specialists, receiving custom-tailored advice aligned with their vocational ambitions.

Vivek Gupta, Co-founder of Expertrons, articulated their mission to accelerate the advancement of a global community of more than a billion professionals. This involves providing unwavering assistance across numerous career transitions throughout their lifetimes, all in an entirely distinctive and user-friendly manner.

The partnership between Expertrons and

The strategic partnership between Expertrons and, facilitated by Hindustan Media Ventures Limited, presents an exciting avenue. Jatin Solanki remarked, ‘Our content strategy will extend the career experiences of experts through Expertrons to a broader audience. Shine’s extensive user base provides an ideal platform for Expertrons, turning career aspirations into achievements for numerous professionals.’

Sanjeev Bahl, AVP – Strategic Investment at Hindustan Times, expressed confidence in Expertrons, saying, ‘Their commitment to democratizing career insights and mentorship aligns seamlessly with our vision. We eagerly join them in their journey to empower professionals worldwide.’

Dr. Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, MD and Founder of Venture Catalysts, emphasized the rapid evolution of India’s job market, enabling professionals to accelerate their career growth. Expertrons, she noted, bridges a crucial gap by harnessing wisdom from industry experts to propel careers and bolster the nation’s human capital, all in a 100% unique and user-friendly manner.

Expertrons welcomes Foxmula into its fold through an acqui-hire arrangement.

Furthermore, Expertrons has revealed the acquisition of Foxmula, a prominent upskilling firm established by Ayush Bansal, alongside its funding from HTMVL. Foxmula boasts an impressive history of serving over 10,000 enthusiasts with its certified live and self-paced programs, endorsed by industry giants like Microsoft, Intuit, Pearson, and others.

With Foxmula’s extensive reach and specialized proficiency in Tech-based Certification, Expertrons is strategically positioned to access the expansive Tech Upskilling market. This involves expanding the current network of nationwide channel partners to reach a wider audience through both online and offline channels. This expansion aims to offer even more comprehensive support to aspiring professionals, as highlighted by Vivek Gupta.

Ayush Bansal acknowledged the undeniable synergy between Expertrons and Foxmula, describing this collaboration as a significant milestone that marks an exciting new phase in their journey. This partnership aims to provide a completely unique and user-friendly experience.

About Expertrons

In 2019, two visionary minds from IIT Bombay, Jatin Solanki and Vivek Gupta, came together to establish a remarkable company. This innovative startup introduces a pioneering videobot technology platform. Through this platform, users are seamlessly connected with over 7500 Experts hailing from prestigious enterprises such as Amazon, Accenture, TCS, Kotak Mahindra, and more. These Experts, via videobot interactions, generously share their real-world career experiences, presenting priceless insights and winning strategies to conquer prime positions, internships, and esteemed business schools.

This dynamic startup also presents a range of upskilling initiatives, including the Pro MBA – an AICTE Approved PGDM in BFSI, along with Advanced Certification programs. These offerings are the result of collaborations with esteemed institutions like E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati, All India Management Association, the State University of New York, and E&ICT NIT Patna. Additionally, the company facilitates job-centric programs in partnership with renowned corporations such as Kotak Mahindra in BFSI and Delhivery in Supply Chain Management.

Expertrons has achieved a significant milestone by securing investment from Hindustan Media Ventures Limited and forging strategic partnerships with and Foxmula. With a commitment to democratizing career insights and mentorship, Expertrons is poised to empower professionals worldwide, bridging crucial gaps in India’s rapidly evolving job market. Their unique AI-driven platform, extensive network of experts, and upskilling initiatives promise to offer invaluable support to individuals seeking career success. This collaboration marks an exciting new phase in their journey towards transforming the professional landscape.

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