ET Soonicorns Summit 2023 – Delhi-NCR: Decoding Startup Growth Techniques for Establishing Durable Global Firms from India

ET Soonicorns Summit 2023

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • The ET Soonicorns Summit in Delhi-NCR will be a key gathering for India’s tech startup leaders, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders.
  • Together, these luminaries will illuminate the vast landscape of growth prospects and hurdles within the emerging economy.
  • This summit equips Indian entrepreneurs with essential skills to excel in dynamic markets.

Following the remarkable success of the ET Soonicorns Summit 2023 in Bengaluru, we’re thrilled to announce our next exciting chapter. The Economic Times’ groundbreaking startup-tech initiative is now spreading its wings to the heart of the nation. Get ready for a captivating experience as we bring you the second installment of the year, set to take place in Delhi-NCR on November 3, 2023.

At the core of our mission lies a commitment to fostering growth and innovation within India’s vibrant tech-startup ecosystem. The upcoming Delhi-NCR edition of the ET Soonicorns Summit 2023 will shine a spotlight on the immense potential and opportunities in the Indian tech-startup landscape. Moreover, we’ll unravel the winning strategies that enable the creation of resilient, globally impactful businesses right here in India. It’s all about charting a course for success that transcends borders and endures through time.

Embracing the overarching theme of ‘Resilience. Reset. Results,’ the ET Soonicorns Summit in Delhi-NCR is all set to serve as a definitive rendezvous for notable leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, and crucial stakeholders within India’s vibrant tech-startup ecosystem. Together, these luminaries will illuminate the vast landscape of growth prospects and hurdles within the emerging economy. Moreover, this summit will provide entrepreneurs, including those hailing from the heartlands of India, with indispensable skills and knowledge to expertly navigate the ever-shifting market dynamics. This, in turn, empowers them to craft lucrative and scalable ventures that are poised to reshape our future.

ET Soonicorns Summit 2023: Delhi-NCR edition – Key themes and tracks

The Delhi-NCR leg of the ET Soonicorns Summit 2023 is gearing up to deliver an enriching and diverse program. It’s set to encompass an array of tracks, ensuring a holistic experience. These include the captivating Soonicorn Spotlight track, engaging Unicorn and Investor Roundtables, and specialized sector-focused journeys such as Startup IPO and Profitability, Fintech and the Future of Money, Industry 5.0, Cleantech and EV, D2C, plus a host of other exciting offerings. Get ready for a conference like no other!

• Empowering India@100: How Startups Can Turbocharge the Tech Revolution
• The Startup IPO Journey: Assessing Financial Readiness and Emerging Trends
• Resilience Lessons: Navigating the Challenges of Securing Funding
• Profitability as a Path to Sustainable Long-term Growth
• Getting Back to Basics: Enhancing Corporate Governance and Transparency
• Fintech’s Frontier: Exploring AI-Powered Finance in India’s Digital Currency Era
• Sustainability Sparks: The Ascendance of Cleantech and EV-Based Startups

Prominent personalities within India’s dynamic startup landscape are set to embark on enlightening dialogues covering essential subjects. These discussions will encompass fueling India’s technological advancement, monitoring the progress of startup initial public offerings (IPOs), charting a course through the intricacies of securing funding, attaining sustainable expansion, highlighting the significance of corporate ethics, delving into the realms of fintech and digital currencies, and delving into the ascent of environmentally-conscious technology and electric vehicle startups.

In addition to lively discussions, this event will offer various engaging formats such as talks, panel discussions, fireside chats, spotlight sessions, enlightening case studies, and hands-on workshops. These formats provide attendees with the opportunity to dive deep into both the strategic and operational aspects of thriving in our ever-evolving digital and economic landscape.
Our summit is set to create a dynamic community, bringing together emerging talents and seasoned entrepreneurs. This environment fosters the exchange of innovative ideas and offers invaluable networking opportunities.

Furthermore, industry veterans, experts in their respective domains, and savvy investors will enrich these discussions with insights from their own experiences. These insights are intended to serve as valuable lessons for the upcoming generation of innovators.

the upcoming ET Soonicorns Summit 2023 in Delhi-NCR promises to be a transformative event for India’s tech-startup ecosystem. With its diverse program, engaging discussions, and valuable insights from industry leaders, it’s poised to empower entrepreneurs, foster innovation, and shape the future of Indian startups. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity for growth and networking on November 3, 2023.

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