Women with Luxurious Hair Solutions, The Shell Hair’s Success on Shark Tank India

The Shell Hair on Shark Tank India

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Shark Tank India Featured Shell Hair

The Shell Hair logo

The Shell Hair is a brand that offers premium, luxurious, 100% real human hair extensions at affordable prices, with a mission to empower women dealing with hair growth issues to feel confident and beautiful. The brand was founded by Shelly Bulchandani with a clear mission to provide a range of hair extensions that seamlessly blend with natural hair, giving women the perfect look and feel they desire.

Shell Hair's offerings

The Shell Hair’s offerings include the highest quality 100% human clip-in hair extensions, trusted by more than 10,000 women. The brand emphasizes attention to detail and prides itself on in-house manufacturing, ensuring that every human hair product is crafted to perfection. Additionally, The Shell Hair offers the lowest prices in the industry, with unique advantages derived from its in-house manufacturing, customer feedback, and the hard work and skill of its women-powered organization.

Shell Hair in Shark Tank India

During their pitch on Shark Tank India, they received an investment from Aman Gupta and aimed to build a business worth ₹2 billion. Their mission is to provide fashionable hair solutions and enhance beauty and confidence through ethical sourcing. The Shell Hair sought Rs 30 lakh for 3% equity and is currently valued at Rs 10 crore. They also encourage sharing suggestions and mentioning other student businesses seen on Shark Tank India for educational purposes.

Products and Vision: Shell Hair

Key features of The Shell Hair include free shipping on orders above Rs. 1000, availability of EMI and COD options, and global shipping with import duties included. The product range of The Shell Hair encompasses not only hair extensions but also wigs, hair toppers, and related accessories. The brand’s aim is to make high-quality hair extensions accessible to all, with a focus on providing solutions for women dealing with hair loss or thinning, ensuring that they feel confident and beautiful every day.

Market Potential and Target Audience for The Shell Hair

The market potential for The Shell Hair in India is substantial, with the hair extensions industry predicted to reach USD 2.4 billion(INR 20,877 Cr) by 2025.

The target audience for the company consists of females aged 18-50, particularly those living in urban areas who are fashion-conscious and interested in trying different hairstyles.

Marketing and Distribution Strategy of Shell Hair

To promote its products, The Shell Hair focuses on content marketing, providing information on hair care and styling tips, and emphasizes the benefits of sourcing hair ethically. In terms of digital marketing, the company collaborates with influencers, runs social media campaigns, optimizes search engine visibility, and utilizes targeted online advertising. In terms of distribution, The Shell Hair utilizes a direct-to-consumer online platform, partners with salons and beauty stores, and collaborates with fashion e-commerce platforms to make its products widely accessible.

Shell Hair’s Future Business and Roadmap to Increase Valuation

  • Product Expansion: The company wants to add more hair care and styling items to its current range.
  • Distribution Growth: They aim to improve their sales networks in India and look into selling products internationally.
  • Innovation: They plan to invest in creating new and eco-friendly hair extensions through research and development.


To increase the company’s overall value:

  • Revenue Growth: They aim to boost income by surpassing sales goals and capturing a bigger market share.
  • Funding: The business intends to secure more money to develop products, run marketing campaigns, and expand to new regions.
  • Brand and Customer Focus: They will work on building a strong brand and attracting more customers.
  • Financial Stability: The company will concentrate on making profits and staying financially secure.

Shark Tank India is a reality show where innovators pitch their groundbreaking ideas to a group of prominent investors, seeking the capital and mentorship needed to bring their visions to life.

Neha Kamath

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