Health-Tech Startup ‘HealthPresso’ Announces Strategic Partnerships and Onboarding Success

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Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • HealthPresso revolutionizes healthcare communication using AI.
  • HealthPresso sees strong engagement at national medical conferences.
  • HealthPresso targets $1 million Pre-Series A funding for growth.

June 2024 – HealthPresso is a revolution in healthcare communication, wielding the power of AI to transform the industry. HealthPresso caters to a diverse audience: the esteemed individual doctor, the bustling hospital, the trusted healthcare brand, and the strategic PR/media agency. Through its groundbreaking strategies, HealthPresso is entering a new era of informed healthcare.

One of the key innovations was launching the platform during national-level conferences of major medical associations. HealthPresso served as the exclusive communication partner for these events, enabling significant engagement with healthcare professionals. Highlights include:

  • APICON Conference: Nearly 5,000 doctors visited the HealthPresso stall, resulting in 175 registrations on the platform.
  • MGB OAGB Conference: Approximately 300 doctors visited, with 500 signing up and starting to create content.

The platform has also been adopted by a new-age health tech company for exclusive communication needs and to enhance its communication strategies.

  • HCP Registered: 250
  • Content Distribution: 500 Doctors
  • Healthcare Brands: 3 (Yatharth Hospitals, HCAH, TWIN Health)
  • Hospitals: 3 (Dr. Abhishek Omchery, Kaya Clinic, Dr Jyoti S Bali, Babysoon, Dr Ved Prakash, Spermlife Advanced Andrology Lab)
  • Active Doctors: 150
  • Total Reach: Over 100 million

HealthPresso isn’t just expanding its reach; it’s forging a new path in Indian healthcare, one that empowers pharmaceutical giants. This innovative platform is becoming the cornerstone of therapy-shaping initiatives and physician engagement programs, a trusted partner to industry titans. But HealthPresso’s influence extends far beyond individual partnerships. By joining forces with healthcare powerhouses like eLets, BW, and leading Health AI platforms, HealthPresso is solidifying its position in the healthcare content landscape. 

The investor community has shown substantial interest in HealthPresso, recognizing the potential of its custom AI-engine (HumetaTM) and extensive distribution network. HealthPresso is also preparing for a Pre-Series A funding targeting approximately $1 million, instrumental in the platform’s initial growth phase. This infusion of capital will accelerate the growth trajectory, enabling the scaling of operations and enhancement of service offerings.

From a humble beginning with a team of just three, HealthPresso has grown to a dedicated team of 15 professionals and have established strategic locations in Delhi, Singapore, Canada, and Bengaluru with dedicated business development teams. This geographic diversity enhances our operational efficiency and positions us to better serve a global client base.

HealthPresso is committed to transforming healthcare communication through AI and innovative content strategies. The platform aims to support healthcare providers in navigating the complex landscape of PR, regulatory compliance, and physician engagement. HealthPresso looks forward to continuing its journey of growth and innovation in the healthcare sector.

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