Health-Tech Startup Secures $5 Million Investment to Enhance Diabetes-Related Tech and Products

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Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • secures $5M, total $16M, enhances tech for diabetes.
  • Founded 2021, aids diabetes, 30,000+ community, Bangalore.
  • Amidst competition, reflects growing health-tech investment trend.

Introduction to is a brand that offers a range of workout equipment and fitness accessories for people working out at home. Their products are geared towards people who like to work out in a clean and tidy space, with equipment that is easy to carry and store. offers a variety of products, including kettlebells, resistance bands, and stability balls. They also have a range of equipment stands and racks to help people keep their equipment organized and convenient.

One of the key benefits of products is that they are designed to be portable and easy to transport. This makes them ideal for people who like to vary their workouts and exercise in different locations.'s Funding Expansion and Strategic Direction

A Bengaluru-based healthtech startup named has recently secured an additional $5 million (approximately INR 41 crore) as part of its extended Series A funding round. This funding round was spearheaded by B Capital. With this latest injection of funds,’s total Series A funding now stands at $16 million (around INR 132.5 crore).

Back in October of the previous year, the startup successfully raised $11 million led by MassMutual Ventures, along with contributions from existing investors such as Tanglin Venture Partners, Endiya Partners, and Cure.Fit.

The fresh infusion of capital is earmarked to bolster’s technology infrastructure and broaden its product lineup. Furthermore, the company plans to utilize the funds to enhance its brand visibility and accelerate research and development efforts in the domain of diabetes management.'s Mission and Community Impact established in 2021 by Madan Somasundaram and Shivtosh Kumar, stands as a pioneering healthtech venture dedicated to aiding diabetes management and reversal through a data-focused strategy. Over the preceding 18 months, the company proudly served a community surpassing 30,000 individuals.

Reflecting on the venture, Somasundaram articulated, “In recent years, the health habits of individuals have undergone notable shifts, underscoring the necessity for innovative, tech-enabled solutions to foster lasting wellness. At, we’ve crafted a distinctive platform poised to address this evolving need.”

According to Karan Mohla, who is a general partner at B Capital, India is facing a tough battle dealing with two major health issues. One is the rise in chronic conditions like diabetes, which is becoming more common. Despite pouring a lot of money into healthcare, we’re still struggling with making it accessible, affordable, and of good quality. But we’re genuinely excited about where the Company is headed and its big plans to create a top-notch healthcare platform for chronic conditions in India. The company proudly says it’s set up shop in Bangalore both online and offline, and it’s running seven Diabetes Clinics around the city.

Recognition and Support from Investors offers a holistic diabetes management program, integrating a range of tools like continuous glucose monitors, activity trackers, and health assessments. Plus, it connects you seamlessly with diabetes experts and supportive health mentors.

In a noteworthy milestone, secured $10 million in seed funding back in 2021. This achievement was made possible with the support of renowned investors including MassMutual Ventures, B Capital, Curefit, Endiya Partners, and Tanglin Venture Partners.

Competition and Market Dynamics

Amidst a dynamic market, faces competition from various health and fitness startups like Stratfit, Growfitter, Fitnapp, and HealthifyMe, as well as HealWell24 and SARVA Yoga, which counts Malaika Arora among its backers.

Healthtech companies are really catching the eye of investors lately. Take Zeno Health, for example, which just scored a hefty $25 million in its Series C funding round thanks to backing from South Korean private equity firm STIC Investments and longtime supporter Lightbox. And then there’s CureBay, another rising star in the healthtech scene, proudly announcing a boost of INR 62 crore (that’s about $7.4 million) in its Series A1 funding round, led by the trusted hands of Elevar Equity., a Bengaluru-based healthtech startup, recently raised an additional $5 million to extend its Series A funding, reaching a total of $16 million. The company plans to utilize the funds to bolster its technology infrastructure, broaden its product lineup, and accelerate research and development efforts in diabetes management. Established in 2021, focuses on aiding diabetes management and reversal, catering to a community of over 30,000 individuals. With a holistic diabetes management program and a strong online and offline presence in Bangalore, faces competition from various health and fitness startups but represents the growing interest and investment in healthtech companies.

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