Tagz Foods: Shark Tank India Success Story and Healthy Snack Innovator

Tagz Foods at Shark Tank India

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Tagz Foods offers healthy popped chips, attracting Shark Tank investors.
  • Raised $3.09M over 6 rounds from 18 institutional, 62 angel investors.
  • Ranks 6th among 144 competitors in a $82.8M funded industry.

Shark Tank India Featured Tagz Foods

Tagz Foods is an internet-based brand that offers various snacks and food products. The company claims that their products do not contain any gluten or artificial colors and flavors. The company has introduced a new product – nutrition-packed and healthy popped chips as an alternative to traditional fat-rich chips that are low in nutritional value. These delicious popped chips from Tagz Foods were able to win over two investors on the popular TV show “Shark Tank India” – Namita Thapar and Ashneer Grover. They invested ₹70 lakhs (equivalent to $95,000) in the company.  Since receiving this investment, Tagz Foods has seen a significant boost in its sales. The company’s sales have tripled compared to before the investment. Tagz Foods’ healthy popped chips are now available to customers across 22 cities in India. The products can be purchased through 30 different e-commerce platforms, as well as in many retail stores throughout the country and even in some international markets.

Anish Basu Roy: Tagz Foods Founder

Anish Basu Roy is an experienced entrepreneur based in Bangalore, India. He has worked in various sales and marketing leadership roles for well-known companies like Nokia and Coca-Cola across Asia. Prior to his current venture Tagz, Anish was the co-founder and CEO of Shotang, which was India’s first technology-enabled retail distribution platform. Anish has lived and worked in different state capitals across India, which has helped him gain a rich cultural understanding over the years. He has also been an active mentor, providing guidance to startups through programs like Coworks Foundry and TiE YE. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Anish is passionate about an active lifestyle. He has been an avid golfer, trekker, fitness enthusiast, and distance cyclist for the past decade. He enjoys sharing his passion for leading a healthy, active lifestyle with others.

Sectors And Market Segments Tagz Foods Operate In

Tagz Foods is a company that operates in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market. This means they sell their products directly to individual consumers, rather than to other businesses. Specifically, Tagz Foods operates in market segments: retail, food and agriculture tech, food and agriculture, consumer goods.

Tagz Foods and its Associated Legal Entity

  • Tagz Foods is associated with one legal entity called QANS CONSUMER PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED.
  • QANS CONSUMER PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated on June 24, 2019.
  • As of March 31, 2023, QANS CONSUMER PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED had revenue of $1.2 million. Net profit of -$1.33 million (indicating a net loss)

Funding and Investors of Tagz Foods

Tagz Foods is a company that has raised a total of $3.09 million in funding over 6 different funding rounds. The first time they raised money was on October 4, 2019. Their most recent funding round was an Angel round on June 5, 2023, but the exact amount raised is not disclosed.

Investors in Tagz Foods

Tagz Foods has received investment funding from several different groups of investors. The company has 18 institutional investors, which are larger organizations that invest in promising businesses. Some of these institutional investors include Venture Catalysts, Dexter Angels, and 9Unicorns. Of these institutional investors, 9Unicorns is the single largest investor in Tagz Foods. In addition to the 18 institutional investors, Tagz Foods also has 62 individual angel investors. Angel investors are typically wealthy individuals who provide funding to new or small businesses they believe have growth potential. Ankesh Kumar is one of these 62 angel investors in Tagz Foods.

Competitors of Tagz Foods

Tagz Foods operates in a competitive market, with a total of 144 competitors. Tagz Foods ranks 6th among its 144 competitors. This suggests that Tagz Foods is one of the more prominent or successful players in the market, but it still faces significant competition from the other 143 companies. Tagz Foods and its 143 competitors have collectively raised over $82.8 million in funding across 93 funding rounds. This funding has come from 824 different investors, suggesting that the industry is attracting significant investment interest. There is 1 public company and 3 acquired companies within the entire competition set. This means that some of Tagz Foods’ competitors have achieved significant milestones, such as going public or being acquired by larger companies, which could influence the competitive dynamics in the industry.

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