Swiggy Introduces ‘Smart Links’ for Restaurant Orders


Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Restaurants can now link social media posts directly to their menu pages on the food delivery app.
  • Smart Links pilot drove 4 million menu sessions for 35,000+ restaurants, Swiggy reported.
  • Swiggy prepares for $1B public listing soon.

Swiggy Unveils 'Smart Links' for Restaurant Marketing

Swiggy, a major player in the foodtech industry, unveiled its latest marketing innovation, ‘Smart Links’, on Tuesday, April 23. This new tool empowers restaurants by seamlessly guiding potential customers from their social media posts and ads directly to their menu pages on Swiggy’s app.

According to the company, these ‘Smart Links’ serve as personalized URLs that eateries can effortlessly share on their social media handles. This enables them to effortlessly guide interested diners straight to their menu page on Swiggy. So, when you stumble upon that mouthwatering video on Instagram, you can simply click and place your order without the hassle of searching for the restaurant on your food delivery app.

Smart Links: Turning Social Media Followers into Customers

The leading food technology company highlighted that its latest offering empowers restaurants to harness their social media presence, seamlessly turning their followers into customers. They emphasized how this new tool assists eateries in expanding their online visibility, boosting orders, and ultimately growing their profits.

Furthermore, the company on the brink of going public asserted that Smart Links provides valuable insights into customer habits for restaurants. They explained how this innovative product traces the path users take after clicking on an advertisement, offering a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

Swiggy added that by activating this tracking feature, Smart Links can assist restaurant partners in evaluating the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. This data enables them to improve future campaigns, resulting in more efficient and successful marketing strategies.

Successful Pilot Results and Free Access for Restaurant Partners

According to the company, the Smart Links pilot has successfully generated over 4 million menu sessions for more than 35,000 restaurant partners to date.

Deepak Maloo, Swiggy’s Assistant Vice President for Supply, emphasized the significance of Smart Links, which Swiggy offers for free to all restaurant partners. He believes it will revolutionize the industry by empowering restaurants to effortlessly access and customize these links. This enables them to gauge the performance of each channel and compare them all within the owner app. Ultimately, this empowers them to market themselves effectively, boost actual orders, and gain deeper insights into their customer base, including their online platform and social media spending habits.

The latest addition arrives as the foodtech company gears up for its highly anticipated $1 billion public listing on the stock market later this year. Just recently, Swiggy transformed into a publicly traded company, stating that this shift would enable it to gather funds from the public, including through an IPO.

In preparation for its market debut, Swiggy has been refining and combining its operations. Just last week, the foodtech giant fused Swiggy Mall with its speedy commerce platform Instamart. Back in March, Swiggy also united its upscale grocery section, InsanelyGood, with Instamart.

Swiggy Gears Up for Public Listing and Strategic Business Moves

As Swiggy gears up for its anticipated public debut, the American investment firm Invesco recently boosted the company’s value by 19% to $12.7 billion earlier this month.

In financial year 2023-24, Swiggy recorded a loss of $207 million (equivalent to INR 1,720 crore) in the first three quarters, while its net loss for the entire FY23 amounted to INR 4,179 crore.

Swiggy, a prominent player in the foodtech industry, unveiled ‘Smart Links’, a pioneering marketing tool for restaurants. This innovation empowers eateries to seamlessly guide potential customers from social media to their menu pages on Swiggy’s app, thus boosting online visibility, orders, and profits. Smart Links provide valuable insights into customer habits, aiding in evaluating the effectiveness of social media campaigns. Offered for free to restaurant partners, this tool has successfully generated over 4 million menu sessions, while Swiggy prepares for a $1 billion public listing and takes strategic steps to streamline its operations.

Karan Balodi

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