Fintech Leader InCred Nets ₹1,267 Cr Revenue, ₹316 Cr PAT in FY24

InCred FY24

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • InCred’s operational revenue surged to Rs 1,267 crore in FY24, up 48% from the prior year.
  • Interest from loans made up 94% of InCred’s revenue, rising 45% to Rs 1,193 crore in FY24.
  • InCred managed expenses well, profits surged 2.6x to Rs 316 crore in FY24.

Introduction to InCred

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InCred Finance is a prominent and trustworthy financial institution in India, aiming to positively impact the socio-economic well-being of middle to lower-middle-class Indian households while safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders. The company offers a range of financial products and has achieved significant milestones since its inception.

Revenue Surge and Profit Growth

The lending company InCred has experienced a significant increase in revenue, from Rs 488 crore in FY22 to Rs 1,267 crore in FY24, marking a 2.6-fold rise. This substantial growth has also led to a notable increase in profits, which have surged more than ten times over the same period. The company’s financial records reveal that operational revenue grew by 48%, reaching Rs 1,267 crore in FY24, up from Rs 856 crore in FY23.

Diverse Financial Solutions and Total Revenue

Established under the leadership of Bhupinder Singh, InCred presents a diverse array of financial solutions encompassing home, education, personal, and two-wheeler loans. Predominantly, the interest accrued from loan disbursals stands as the primary driver of InCred’s revenue, constituting 94% of its overall operational income. Demonstrating a noteworthy surge, the interest earnings escalated by 45% to reach Rs 1,193 crore in the fiscal year 2024. In addition to interest revenue, the company garners income from various streams such as fees, commissions, and dividends, alongside accruing Rs 26 crore from miscellaneous sources, culminating in a total revenue of Rs 1,293 crore for FY24.

Specific Expense Components and Impact on Profits

Despite its rapid growth trajectory, InCred effectively managed its expenses. Finance costs accounted for 52% of the overall expenditure, marking a notable 27.8% surge to Rs 455 crore in the fiscal year 2024. The company notably expanded its workforce, resulting in a 35.9% upsurge in employee benefits expenditure. Various other expenses, encompassing depreciation, legal fees, advertising, and travel, contributed to a cumulative expenditure of Rs 871 crore in FY24, representing a substantial 37.4% increase from the Rs 634 crore recorded in FY23. Notwithstanding these escalating expenditures, InCred realized a remarkable 2.6-fold surge in profits, reaching Rs 316 crore in FY24, up from Rs 121 crore in FY23.

InCred, led by Bhupinder Singh, witnessed a remarkable 2.6-fold revenue increase to Rs 1,267 crore in FY24, alongside profit growth exceeding tenfold. The company’s revenue sources primarily stem from interest earnings, demonstrating a notable surge to Rs 1,193 crore. Despite escalating expenses, including a significant rise in workforce-related costs and overall expenditure, InCred effectively managed its financials, culminating in a substantial profit surge to Rs 316 crore in FY24. The strategic financial management and diverse financial solutions underline InCred’s robust performance and sound fiscal strategy in FY24.

Peenak Maheshwari

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