Nykaa: The one-stop destination for the beauty needs of the modern women

Key Highlights

Nykaa was founded by Falguni Nayar in 2012

Nykaa stores are available in various metro cities

Nykaa makes use of content to bring global trends

When we think about a digital platform selling exclusive beauty products of wide range catering to the needs of the modern women, only one name comes to mind, Nykaa. Nykaa is India’s fastest growing beauty destination which boasts of over half a million customers. Nykaa sells over 1 lakh genuine products at competitive prices. Their products comprise of everything from makeup to skincare to beauty accessories, all carefully curated for both men and women. Women from over 1000 cities in India use Nykaa to shop for their beauty needs.

Nykaa was founded by Falguni Nayar in 2012 when she took notice of the need for better access to beauty products in the Indian market. She noticed that while the demand was high, it was extremely difficult to come by products from the American and European markets. She also took into mind the need for genuine products as dupes of in-demand beauty products were flooding the market. She went on to create a digital portal which sells 100% genuine products which were difficult to come by in the Indian market. Nykaa has grown leaps and bounds since then. They have even launched the Nykaa stores in various metro cities so as to give their customers better access to their products.

One of the major reasons for the stellar success of Nykaa is their innovative promotional strategy. Nykaa makes use of content to bring global trends to their Indian customers who might not have been aware of them before. Nykaa always strives to be up to date about the most in vogue beauty trends in the beauty community. They also showcase on how to achieve these trends using the products sold on Nykaa. They do this via their highly interactive Instagram page which has emerged as the go-to place for beauty advice, makeup tips and skin care routines. Apart from this they also run a Youtube channel called NykaaTv which has many “how-to” videos guiding first time makeup users and helping them experiment with their looks.

Nykaa also offers a wide variety of discounts and offers on their products. This attracts many customers since they have happy to buy good quality products at a lower rate as compared to other platforms. Various sales are organized on women’s day, Valentine’s day, etc. They have recently signed Bollywood star Jhanvi Kapoor as their brand ambassador to have a better connect with the young audience. All these efforts have led to the rapid growth of this company. They have carved their place as the go-to beauty destination for all the beauty needs of the modern women.

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