Flipkart Targets Loyal Shoppers with VIP Membership Launch

Flipkart VIP

Three points you will get to know in this article:
• New Flipkart VIP now at INR 499 annually.
• This strategic shift precedes this year’s festive season sale.
• Flipkart assures VIP members free same/next-day deliveries in specified areas.

Amid the intense rivalry within India’s vibrant ecommerce arena, Flipkart, now under Walmart’s ownership, has introduced its strategic response to Amazon’s Prime program – “Flipkart VIP.”
This calculated move comes just days before the commencement of this year’s festive season sale, a time when both ecommerce titans are poised to captivate customers with irresistible discounts.
Describing it as “Flipkart’s subscription-based loyalty program,” the company outlines that VIP bestows additional privileges to enhance the overall customer experience. For a nominal fee of INR 499, customers can secure a year-long VIP membership, enjoying exclusive benefits throughout their subscription period, as detailed on Flipkart’s official website.

Introducing the all-new Flipkart VIP, priced at a special introductory rate of INR 499 per year. For our VIP members residing in select areas, Flipkart guarantees complimentary same-day/next-day deliveries. In comparison, Amazon Prime comes at a higher cost of INR 999 annually.
While Flipkart VIP mirrors many features of Amazon Prime, there’s ground to cover before extending these services universally. Unlike Amazon, Flipkart presently doesn’t universally assure free same-day or next-day deliveries, a perk integral to Amazon’s Prime program and its competitive edge.

What sets Flipkart VIP apart is its commitment to streamlining the returns process. We pledge to collect returns within a swift 48-hour window. Moreover, our VIP members enjoy the unique benefit of dedicated agents, a personalized service that Amazon currently doesn’t provide. Flipkart VIP goes beyond mere convenience; it’s a commitment to enhancing your overall shopping experience.

“Embracing the spirit of convenience, Flipkart brings you a host of perks, including complimentary swift shipping and expedited 24 to 48-hour returns on specified items across the FLIPKART platform (excluding groceries) in key locations like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and other handpicked pincodes. Your shopping escapade is about to get even smoother and more delightful,” the website proudly declares.

“As a delightful addition to its VIP program, Flipkart has unveiled a captivating advantage for its esteemed members. Commencing October 8, 2023, members can revel in the exclusive privilege of modifying or rescheduling their flight reservations on Cleartrip, sans any extra charges. It’s worth noting that Flipkart expanded its horizons in 2021 by acquiring Cleartrip, enriching its array of offerings.”

While Amazon Prime presents a bundled offering, encompassing access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Gaming, and Reading, Flipkart VIP, on the other hand, currently lacks entertainment perks.

Exciting news from the ecommerce giant! They’ve just unveiled the dates for their much-anticipated sale extravaganza, “The Big Billion Days,” scheduled to unfold from October 8 to October 15. Notably, this aligns with Amazon’s sales event, which is set to run concurrently from October 8 to October 15.

In a commitment to meet the surge in customer demand during this flagship sales season, the homegrown ecommerce giant has announced its plan to generate 1 Lakh direct and indirect seasonal jobs. This move is geared towards fortifying their supply chain and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for all.

Flipkart, owned by Walmart, has launched its own subscription-based loyalty program called Flipkart VIP, in response to Amazon’s Prime program. For a fee of INR 499, customers can enjoy exclusive benefits such as same-day/next-day deliveries, streamlined returns, and dedicated customer service. While Flipkart VIP lacks entertainment perks like Prime Video and Prime Music, it aims to enhance the overall shopping experience. Flipkart has also announced “The Big Billion Days” sale, running from October 8 to October 15, and plans to create jobs to meet increased customer demand.

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