B2B Fulfillment Platform Scimplify Secures $5 Million in Fresh Funding

Scimplify Funding

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Scimplify, a B2B platform for specialty chemicals, is raising $5 million (INR 41 Crores approximately) led by Omnivore.
  • Startup by Salil Srivastava and Sachin Santhosh offers specialty chemicals, aims global expansion.
  • Scimplify competes with Atomgrid and Covvalent in B2B chemicals.

Introduction to Scimplify

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Simplify is a platform that prioritizes science in the sourcing, development, and manufacturing of specialty chemicals throughout the product life cycle, from contract research and lab scale development to commercial manufacturing. Their in-house value engineering team, comprised of chemical research, process research, and analytical research teams, supports their contract manufacturing sites in a science-first approach to develop and scale products for commercial use.

Funding Round Led by Omnivore

Scimplify, a platform for sourcing and manufacturing specialty chemicals, is said to be in the process of raising $5 million in a new funding round. The round is reportedly being led by Omnivore, with existing investors 3one4 Capital and Beenext also taking part. This funding round comes just six months after Scimplify raised $3.67 million in its seed round from the same investors.

Founders and Platform Overview

Established by Salil Srivastava and Sachin Santhosh, Scimplify stands as a pioneering B2B fulfillment platform, catering comprehensively to the product lifecycle, spanning from contract exploration to the execution of commercial chemical manufacturing. The venture extends its support across diverse sectors such as pharmaceuticals, personal care, and agrochemicals. Scimplify boasts a robust product spectrum encompassing emulsifiers, plant growth stimulants, biostimulants, adjuvants, and biofertilizers. Crafted with a science-first approach, this platform is intricately designed to adeptly oversee the entire process of sourcing and manufacturing specialty chemicals.

Expansion Plans and Growth Strategy

In its recent fundraising campaign, Scimplify revealed its intention to expand its presence to 20 countries and introduce four new categories of chemicals. With the additional funding, the startup is focused on advancing these objectives. Presently, it runs manufacturing facilities in Karnataka, Hyderabad, and Gujarat. Scimplify faces competition from companies such as Atomgrid and Covvalent in the B2B chemical sourcing and manufacturing sector.

Scimplify, a leading B2B fulfillment platform for specialty chemicals, is poised for growth after securing $5 million in a new funding round led by Omnivore. The startup, founded by Salil Srivastava and Sachin Santhosh, offers a comprehensive suite of products spanning pharmaceuticals, personal care, and agrochemicals, crafted with a science-first approach. With plans to expand to 20 countries and introduce four new chemical categories, Scimplify aims to solidify its position in the competitive B2B chemical sourcing and manufacturing sector, which includes players like Atomgrid and Covalent.

Karan Balodi

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