Hyderabad based E-Trio launches EV-180 a battery-powered electric kit to meet India’s Electric vehicle mission

Key Highlights

Startup E-Trio offers battery-powered electric kit called EV-180 to convert normal vehicle into electric vehicle within 48 hours.

E-Trio plans to install EV kits in Maruti Suzuki Alto and Wagon R hatchbacks.

EV-180 to reduce cost of EV.

Sustainable development and reduction in consumption of fuel for reducing the greenhouse effect and environmental problems have always been a matter of concern for government and environment protection enthusiasts. Folks are always in quest of developing various types of equipment to reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

A few years back the concept of the use of Compressed Natural Gas in automobiles came into action to reduce the dependence on petrol and diesel. But as time and technology have reformed now the era has come of Electric Vehicles. But the major problem behind the Indian government and ride-hailing giants is the high cost of production of Electric Vehicles. But now an innovative Startup E-Trio has come into a market that offers battery-powered electric kit called EV-180. Start-up has come up with a technology by which vehicles can be transformed to run on electrical batteries, eliminating the need for any fuel and reducing vehicular emissions drastically. The startup is providing electric kits to transform conventional cars into EVs.

E-Trio came into action in 2016 by Sathya Yalamanchili. Sathya launched the company with a view to enhance electric mobility growth in India. Instead of manufacturing expensive electric vehicle models, Yalamanchili opted to concentrate on transforming existing models into electric vehicles, which not only assisted in tackling the price problem but also enhanced the electric adoption rate among existing vehicle owners. E-Trio has come up with a battery-powered electric kit called EV-180, which was first developed in collaboration with engineers in China. The electric kit was designed and engineered for sedans primarily. Yalamanchili says that by using EV-180 any vehicle can be converted to electric vehicles within 48 hours. In 2018, E-Trio also attained the status of the first company to be certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). In November last year, ARAI approved the startup’s plans to install EV kits in Maruti Suzuki Alto and Wagon R hatchbacks. This startup and its EV-180 is going to bring a revolution in the Electric Mobility domain.

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