Thirstie raises $7 Million in series A funding round

Key Highlights

Thirstie raises $7 Million from Queens Court Capital in series A funding round.

The company works with alcohol brands like Clos19 to build e-commerce and alcohol delivery experiences.

Thristie provides on-demand delivery of alcohol in more than 30 cities.


Alcohol E-commerce startup Thirstie has raised $7 Million from Queens Court Capital in series A funding round. It is partnering with Drinkworks to power the e-commerce experience for the cocktail-making machine build by Keurig and Anheuser-Busch.

Devaraj Southworth Co-founder and CEO Thristie said, The Company now does not focus on making a consumer app for alcohol delivery. It now works with alcohol brands like Clos19,

Dom Perignon and Maker’s Mark to build e-commerce and delivery experiences. He also added that this is fascinating to form because “there’s a complete innovative generation of digital-first, mobile-first consumers and there’s a chance to enhance revenue.” More important, he said, is “the data opportunity is dedicated to our brand partners, the data doesn’t belong to a marketplace.”

The company is still taking benefits of a network of alcohol retailers created by the firm for customers and is rapidly enhancing enterprise business. Thristie allows it’s consumers to order a bottle directly from the Dom Perignon website. Thristie actually routes orders and allows orders to be fulfilled by licensed retailers. It assists alcohol retailers in making direct relation with the customer thus enhancing their business output.

Currently, Thristie provides on-demand delivery of alcohol in more than 30 cities where shipping of alcohol is permitted. 

It works on nourishing Thristie’s data technology it assists brands in viewing their own consumer data and it also provides facility to arrange data in an appropriate manner to have a more precise industrial view. The firm will also build various interesting products if the brands are interested in it. It is a shared marketplace so all are getting benefited. The firm has totally raised $12 Million till now.

According to Joe Plumeri CEO Citibank, “We wish that Thirstie decided it was more crucial to scaling at a pace that is manageable and permit them to keep independent, and we’re excited to assist them to attain their goals.”

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