Zepto and Battery Smart Team Up for 1000+ EV Battery Swap Locations

Zepto partners with Battery Smart for 1000+ EV swap sites

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Battery Smart partners with Zepto to enable a smooth EV transition for zepto’s delivery fleet
  • Battery Smart has 1,000+ swapping stations for Zepto drivers to swap batteries in 2 minutes.
  • Partnership boosts EV adoption and sustainable last-mile delivery in India.

Introduction to Battery Smart

Battery Smart is a pioneering company in India’s electric mobility space, offering a unique battery-swapping model that aims to make electric vehicles more accessible, affordable, and sustainable. Established in 2019, Battery Smart has rapidly scaled to become India’s largest battery-swapping network for electric two and three-wheelers, eliminating major roadblocks to EV adoption through its interoperable battery-swapping model, dense network, and 2-minute battery swaps. Powered by a partner-led approach, Battery Smart collaborates with local businesses to rapidly deploy swapping stations across India, envisioning a swap station for every square kilometer and uniting EV players to build an integrated ecosystem that accelerates the transition to electric mobility.

Battery Smart and Zepto Partner to Boost EV Adoption

Battery Smart, an Indian startup that specializes in battery-swapping services for electric two and three-wheelers, has formed a partnership with Zepto, a quick commerce unicorn. Through this collaboration, Zepto’s EV delivery partners will have access to Battery Smart’s extensive network of over 1000 battery-swapping stations in 30 cities. The goal of this partnership is to enable a smooth and rapid transition to electric vehicles for Zepto’s delivery fleet, ultimately improving efficiency and minimizing downtimes.

Battery Swapping: Enabling Efficient Last-Mile Deliveries

Battery swapping is a service in which customers can exchange a depleted battery for a fully charged one at designated centers. This method helps to decrease the time needed to recharge batteries, resulting in a more efficient experience for users. Battery Smart’s facilities will enable Zepto’s delivery drivers to quickly swap their batteries in just two minutes, ensuring minimal downtime and increased productivity.

Expanding Zepto's EV Fleet with Battery Smart's Network

The collaboration will enable Zepto to add 10,000 new electric vehicles (EVs) to its fleet by the financial year 2024-25. At present, EVs make up 20% of India’s last-mile delivery market, in line with the government’s objective of reaching 30% vehicle fleet electrification by 2030. Yogiraj Gogia, Senior Director of Partnerships and Fleet Business at Battery Smart, expressed excitement about the partnership with Zepto to facilitate environmentally friendly last-mile deliveries and encourage more delivery partners to participate in the electric vehicle revolution.

Gogia noted the impressive growth of Zepto over the past year and highlighted the potential for further expansion by utilizing Battery Smart’s expanding network of swap stations to deploy more electric vehicles in their fleet.

Battery-as-a-Service: Enhancing EV Affordability and Availability

Battery Smart’s Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) model decreases the upfront costs linked with acquiring EVs without batteries. This approach enhances the affordability and availability of electric mobility for delivery partners. Vikas Sharma, Chief Operating Officer of Zepto, emphasized, “Our partnership with Battery Smart provides us with access to the nation’s largest network of battery swapping stations, guaranteeing that our delivery partners are always close to a swap station with no waiting time. This will enable our partners to save time, fulfill more deliveries, and ultimately boost their earnings.”

Battery Smart has set up battery swapping stations in Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities in multiple states such as Haryana, the National Capital Region (NCR), Karnataka, Rajasthan, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, and most recently, Maharashtra. By utilizing Battery Smart’s vast network and cutting-edge battery-swapping technology, Zepto plans to enhance its delivery operations and play a role in promoting a cleaner, more sustainable future for last-mile delivery in India.

Battery Smart, an Indian battery-swapping startup, has partnered with quick commerce unicorn Zepto to enable a smooth transition to electric vehicles for Zepto’s delivery fleet. Through this collaboration, Zepto’s delivery partners will have access to Battery Smart’s network of over 1,000 battery-swapping stations, allowing them to quickly swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones in just two minutes. This will minimize downtime and boost productivity, enabling Zepto to add 10,000 new EVs to its fleet by 2024-25. The partnership aims to promote sustainable last-mile delivery in India by leveraging Battery Smart’s affordable Battery-as-a-Service model and extensive battery-swapping infrastructure.

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