Bounce Infinity Launches E1X e-Scooter with Swappable Battery Option

Bounce Infinity Launches E1X e-Scooter

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Bounce Infinity introduces the new scooter Infinity E1X, priced Rs 55,000-59,000.
  • E1X offers 55-65 kmph speeds, with a 92 kmph export model; a low running cost of Rs 1-1.5/km.
  • Bounce rolls out 30,000+ EVs in India, partners with Sun Mobility and cuts E1+ price by 21%.

Unveiling the Bounce Infinity E1X

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Bengaluru’s electric vehicle startup, Bounce Infinity, has unveiled a new version of its acclaimed Infinity E1 scooter, named the Bounce Infinity E1X. Set to launch nationwide in June 2024, the E1X will be priced between Rs 55,000 and Rs 59,000 and will feature a battery-swappable design. This new variant is designed to boost user convenience by being compatible with key battery-swapping networks throughout India.

Enhancing User Convenience through Battery Swapping

The Bounce Infinity E1X’s most notable feature is its battery-swapping system, enabling users to exchange empty batteries for fully charged ones at numerous network stations. This advancement removes the necessity for extended charging breaks. The scooter is offered in two speed options, reaching up to 55 kmph and 65 kmph. Furthermore, Bounce Infinity is working on a quicker model designed for export markets, with a top speed of 92 kmph. The E1X can be easily adapted to various battery-swapping networks with minimal alterations.

The battery-swapping system of the E1X is designed to be convenient and efficient, allowing users to easily swap batteries at network stations when traveling long distances to ensure uninterrupted travel. The E1X’s ability to work with all major battery-swapping networks and its customization options make it a versatile option. With a low running cost, the energy cost for the E1X ranges from Rs 1 to Rs 1.5 per km, depending on usage and the battery-swapping operator.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Mobility

Bounce Infinity is set to leverage India’s extensive electric vehicle market, the second-largest two-wheeler market globally. CEO and Co-founder Vivekananda Hallekare underscored the significant advantages of electric vehicles in India, focusing on innovation and cost-efficiency by decoupling battery expenses from vehicle costs. “India holds the position as the world’s second-largest two-wheeler market, yet the full potential of EVs remains untapped,” he stated.

Expansion Plans and Partnerships

Bounce Infinity aims to introduce more than 30,000 electric vehicles across major Indian cities through a collaboration with Sun Mobility. The first phase will launch in Bangalore and Hyderabad, with subsequent expansions planned for Mumbai, Pune, and the Delhi NCR region. The company is also in talks with leading food delivery, quick commerce, and last-mile logistics firms to broaden its market presence. In addition, Bounce Infinity has recently slashed the price of its E1+ series by 21% to enhance the affordability of its electric scooters.

Bengaluru-based electric vehicle startup Bounce Infinity has unveiled the Bounce Infinity E1X, a new version of its acclaimed Infinity E1 scooter. Priced between Rs 55,000-59,000, the E1X features a battery-swappable design, allowing users to conveniently exchange empty batteries for fully charged ones at network stations. Offering two speed options up to 65 kmph, the E1X can also be customized for export markets with a top speed of 92 kmph. With a low running cost of Rs 1-1.5 per km, the E1X aims to leverage India’s booming two-wheeler EV market. Bounce Infinity plans to introduce over 30,000 EVs across major cities, collaborating with partners to expand its footprint.

Manvendra Hada

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