New Cab-Hailing Services by Namma Yatri in Bengaluru

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Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Namma Yatri app has a section for booking cabs in Bengaluru.
  • Juspay separated Namma Yatri and other apps into a new entity recently.
  • The platform now offers more than city auto rides.

Introduction to Namma Yatri

Namma Yatri is a customer-friendly mobility app designed to contribute to the Open Mobility initiative. It serves as the first open network mobility application, offering a multi-modal transportation solution without involving any middlemen. This initiative aims to bring together various mobility service providers onto a common network, enabling them to coexist and provide services on a standard interoperable platform. Auto rickshaws are among the initial service providers on this network, with plans to incorporate other forms of mobility such as taxis and public transport. The application is built on the Beckn Protocol, which is an open-source standard for interoperability among various service providers. Namma Yatri strives to offer customers a diverse range of mobility options through a single app for their daily commute needs. Any Auto driver can join the initiative by completing the KYC verification process.


Namma Yatri's Expansion into Cab-Hailing Services

Namma Yatri, the ride-hailing sensation, is rolling out its cab-hailing services in its hometown of Bengaluru. Now, when you open the Namma Yatri app, you’ll spot a brand-new section dedicated solely to booking cabs in Bengaluru. This marks a significant step forward for the platform, as it expands its services beyond just auto rides in the city.

Nationwide Expansion and Diversified Service Offerings

But that’s not all – Namma Yatri isn’t stopping there. Alongside Bengaluru, the app also caters to cab aggregator needs in Kochi, Kolkata, and Chennai. This exciting development follows closely on the heels of Namma Yatri’s nationwide expansion plans. Earlier this year, in January, the platform made its debut in the Chennai and Delhi markets, offering auto rides to eager customers.

In the previous month, the parent company of the platform, Juspay Technologies, introduced a new ride-hailing app called ‘Mana Yatri’ in Hyderabad. This app provides both auto rickshaw and cab services in the city.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Juspay had separated its ride-hailing subsidiary, Namma Yatri, and other mobility apps into a new independent entity called Moving Tech Innovations in November of last year.

Impressive Growth and Collaborative Initiatives

In March 2024, the Namma Yatri family of apps proudly boasts a community of over 210,000 drivers and serves more than 5 million customers, having successfully completed over 27 million trips. Operating as a key player in seven bustling cities like Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, it has firmly established its presence.

Excitingly, this ride-hailing platform recently solidified a strategic collaboration with Google Maps and ONDC, aimed at elevating public transportation services across India.

Crafted by Juspay and supported by Nandan Nilekani’s Beckn Foundation, the Namma Yatri app debuted in late 2022.

Innovative Business Model and Impact on Industry Giants

With aspirations to rival industry giants like Ola and Uber, Namma Yatri set itself apart by introducing a daily subscription model, diverging from the traditional commission-based transaction system. In recent weeks, an increasing number of auto drivers have joined the new platform, prompting ride-hailing leaders Ola and Uber to introduce subscription-based plans for auto-rickshaw drivers.

Intensifying Competition and Projected Market Size

The impact of the expansion efforts on Juspay and Namma Yatri is yet to be determined, but it is evident that competition in the Indian ride-hailing industry is intensifying. The domestic ride-hailing sector, which is predicted to reach a market size of $7.36 billion by 2028, is at the center of this competitive landscape.

Namma Yatri’s expansion into cab-hailing services in Bengaluru, along with its presence in Kochi, Kolkata, and Chennai, underlines its strategic growth. The platform’s transition to Moving Tech Innovations, boasting over 210,000 drivers and 5 million customers, reflects its nationwide impact. Collaborative initiatives with Google Maps and ONDC signify its commitment to elevate public transportation services. Introducing a daily subscription model has prompted competitors Ola and Uber to follow suit, showcasing Namma Yatri’s influence. As the Indian ride-hailing industry intensifies, Namma Yatri’s innovative approach and anticipated market growth of $7.36 billion by 2028 position it as a key player in this competitive landscape.

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