Bella Vita Organic’s Aakash Anand Debuts Startup

Aakash Anand of Bella Vita Organic Unveils

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • facilitates peer-to-peer networking for monetizing expertise and time.
  • Secured $2 million in seed funding with investors.
  • Open-source networking with customizable rates for calls/messages and AI-driven advisor search.

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Aakash Anand, a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of Bella Vita Organic, has launched a new venture called This platform is designed to enable peer-to-peer networking by allowing users to monetize their expertise and time. Joining Anand in this endeavor are co-founders Palash Arneja, the Chief Operating Officer, and Sumit Jha, the Chief Technology Officer. Arneja, a chartered accountant with over ten years of experience, and Jha, the former CTO of Zecpe (acquired by Cashfree in 2023), bring significant expertise to the team.'s Successful Launch: Navigating a $2 Million Seed Funding Round has successfully launched following a $2 million seed funding round, backed by a diverse consortium of prominent entrepreneurs and influencers. Leading the investment were Nikhil Kamath (Zerodha), Peyush Bansal (Lenskart), Vishesh Khurana (Shiprocket), and Dholakia Ventures. The round also attracted investment from Nitin Jain and Vasant Sridhar (OfBusiness), Gaurav Khatri (Noise), along with notable individuals like Tanmay Bhatt, Raj Shamani, Arjun Vaidya, Sharan Hegde (Finance with Sharan), Ganeshprasad (Thinkschool), Shlok Shrivastava (Techburner), and Rahul Malodia (Business Coach).

Aakash Anand explained that, an open-source platform meaning “you and I connect,” allows users to create personal profiles with customizable rates for audio calls, video calls, or direct messages. The platform removes access barriers, enabling users to connect with others based on their professional backgrounds within 24-48 hours or instantly, depending on the set rates.'s Unique Platform Features provides a range of tools to support networking and career development. Users can seek professional advice by posting queries, host events like webinars and workshops, and monetize their expertise. The platform’s AI-driven search function simplifies finding the right advisors. Moreover, it offers free, AI-suggested one-on-one discussions on diverse topics and a personalized content feed to maintain user engagement. Users can also set their rates and availability for private sessions through chat, audio, or video calls.'s Expansion Plans: Heading to the US Market, currently headquartered in Gurugram, India, is set to expand to the US within the next three months. “In my journey of building startups, I’ve often found myself as the least connected founder in the industry. Business development, for instance, requires substantial investment of time, money, and effort in cold calls and visits. This led us to the idea of creating a platform where individuals could be compensated for their time and expertise,” explained Aakash Anand. The platform’s mission is to democratize access to valuable insights and knowledge from experienced and successful individuals in various fields., founded by Aakash Anand, enables peer-to-peer networking with expertise monetization. Co-founded with Palash Arneja and Sumit Jha, the platform successfully launched post a $2M seed funding. Notable investors include Nikhil Kamath and Peyush Bansal. offers diverse networking tools, including AI-driven advisor searches, event hosting, and personalized content feeds. The platform’s mission is to democratize insights from experts. Headquartered in Gurugram, plans to expand to the US. Aakash Anand’s vision is to facilitate efficient networking and compensate expertise on an accessible platform.

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