Infosys Acquires Semiconductor Design Services Provider InSemi

Infosys Acquires InSemi

Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Infosys acquires InSemi to strengthen semiconductor industry.
  • The move enhances tech with semiconductors, AI, and industry partnerships.
  • InSemi offers top semiconductor design services with a team of 900+ specialists for global clients.

Introduction to Infosys

Infosys is an Indian multinational information technology company headquartered in Bangalore. It was founded in 1981 by six friends with an initial capital of just $500. Today, it is one of the largest and most successful IT companies in the world, with a market capitalization of over $12 billion. Infosys provides a wide range of IT services, including consulting, software development, and outsourcing, to clients across the globe. It is known for its innovative approach to IT solutions and its commitment to excellence.

Infosys Acquires InSemi

Infosys, a prominent technology firm based in India, has recently declared the successful acquisition of InSemi, a distinguished provider of semiconductor design and embedded services. According to a statement released by the company, this strategic move underscores Infosys’ dedication to the semiconductor industry while bolstering its capabilities in Engineering R&D services.

Semiconductors play a crucial role in powering the rapid advancement of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, Hyperconnectivity, High-Performance Computing, Quantum Technology, Electric Vehicles, Virtual Reality, IoT, and Smart Devices.

Partnership Benefits for Infosys

The partnership boosts Infosys’ Chip-to-Cloud strategy by leveraging specialized design expertise on a large scale. This complements our existing investments in AI/Automation platforms and industry alliances seamlessly.

Our goal with this collaboration is to streamline the entire product development process from start to finish for clients worldwide. We’re committed to guiding them through their digital transformation journey.

InSemi's Clientele and Expertise

At InSemi, we provide comprehensive semiconductor design services covering electronic design, platform design, automation, embedded systems, and software technologies. Our clientele includes top-tier global companies spanning semiconductor, consumer electronics, automotive, and hi-tech sectors.

InSemi is rapidly expanding, boasting a dedicated team of 900+ design specialists. Our strength lies in our competitive edge, adaptable mindset, and creative strategies, which enable us to develop technology-driven solutions that revolutionize businesses.

Infosys’ recent acquisition of InSemi signifies a strategic alignment with the semiconductor industry, reinforcing its position in Engineering R&D services. The significance of semiconductors in advancing technologies like AI, 5G, Quantum Technology, and more underscores this move. The collaboration enhances Infosys’ Chip-to-Cloud strategy by leveraging InSemi’s specialized design expertise for seamless product development. InSemi’s expanding portfolio includes comprehensive semiconductor design services, catering to a global clientele and boasting a team of 900+ design specialists. This acquisition cements Infosys’ commitment to guiding clients through digital transformation journeys.

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