Indo-Australian Joint Mission, Digantara Takes Charge of Space Debris

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Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Digantara to integrate optical sensor tech into Space Machines Orbital Servicing Vehicle.
  • Digantara joins spacetech companies in joint mission with INR 46 Cr grant.
  • Digantara, founded in 2018, builds space operations infrastructure for spacecraft missions.

Introduction to Digantara

Digantara is a leading space surveillance and intelligence company that focuses on providing accurate and real-time orbital insights to ensure safer space operations. They are dedicated to building a one-stop solution for safe and sustainable space operations. Digantara’s mission is to expand humanity’s horizons by monitoring space activity, promoting accountability, and enhancing space governance. The company aims to develop a comprehensive resident space object catalogue to improve space situational awareness and enable safer space operations. They work with various stakeholders in the space industry to revolutionize the future of space operations. Additionally, Digantara collaborates with companies, governments, and organizations globally to tackle complex challenges and contribute to building a resilient and sustainable space economy.


Digantara's Selection for the Space-MAITRI Joint Mission

On Wednesday (May 1), the homegrown spacetech startup, Digantara, happily announced its selection for a groundbreaking joint mission between India and Australia aimed at tackling space debris. This exciting endeavor, dubbed “Space-MAITRI” (Mission for Australia-India’s Technology, Research, and Innovation), has recently secured a generous AUD 8.5 million (INR 46 crores) grant from the Australian Space Agency.

Partnership with Space Machines Company and Ananth Technologies

In this thrilling collaboration, Digantara, based in Bengaluru, will stand alongside a group of esteemed spacetech companies. Their role involves integrating their cutting-edge optical sensor technology into the Orbital Servicing Vehicle (OSV), a remarkable spacecraft developed by their Australian partner, Space Machines Company.

It’s truly a remarkable opportunity for Digantara, marking a significant milestone in their journey toward space exploration.

According to the startup, this integration will allow for the surveillance of resident space objects (RSOs) in low-Earth orbit (LEO), improving space traffic management and debris monitoring. Additionally, another Indian space technology startup, Ananth Technologies, will contribute their engineering knowledge and access to cleanroom facilities for the integration and testing processes.

Australian Space Agency's Support for the Space-MAITRI Initiative

The Australian Space Agency’s support has made this partnership possible, which combines complementary technologies to bring the shared vision of a sustainable space ecosystem to life. This collaboration not only revolutionizes space operations but also showcases the collaborative spirit between India and Australia in advancing innovative developments in space exploration. Digantara co-founder and CEO, Anirudh Sharma, said, “This initiative highlights our joint efforts to create a more

Sharing his thoughts on the partnership, Rajat Kulshrestha, the founder and CEO of Space Machines Company, expressed his excitement, stating, “We’re truly excited about teaming up with Digantara, a forward-thinking Indian company. By incorporating Digantara’s state-of-the-art optical sensor technology into our platform, we’ll greatly boost our ability to observe and keep tabs on space objects residing in low-earth orbit.”

The collaboration forms a crucial segment of the broader Space-MAITRI initiative, dedicated to nurturing cooperation among spacetech experts from India and Australia.

Working within the framework of Australia’s ‘International Space Investment India Projects’ initiative, this collective endeavor aims to strengthen our understanding of space activities and build a reliable system for servicing spacecraft in orbit, akin to providing “Roadside Assistance in Space”.

Digantara's Ambitious Mission and Recent Achievements

Established in 2018 by Sharma, Rahul Rawat, and Tanveer Ahmed, Digantara is on a mission to revolutionize space operations infrastructure. Their goal? To cater to every aspect of a spacecraft mission, from start to finish.

Their standout product? A cutting-edge space debris detector. But that’s not all. Digantara is also working towards launching a fleet of satellites designed to track objects as tiny as 1 cm.

Excitingly, just two months after successfully wrapping up their Series A1 funding round with an impressive $12 million, Digantara has forged a promising partnership. With backing from renowned investors like Peak XV Partners, Aditya Birla Ventures, and the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Digantara has amassed a total funding of $14.5 million to date.

Just last month, the spacetech startup revealed its brand-new satellite assembly, integration, and testing (AIT) center, sprawling over 25,000 square feet in Bengaluru’s Hebbal.

Growing Indian Spacetech Landscape and Digantara's Role

In the vibrant Indian spacetech scene, Digantara thrives alongside a growing community. Thanks to a surge in government support and generous investments from venture capitalists, the sector has flourished. This wave has brought forth indigenous players like Agnikul, Bellatrix, Pixxel, and Skyroot, each contributing uniquely to the expanding space industry landscape.

In a groundbreaking development, Digantara, a Bengaluru-based spacetech startup, has been selected for the “Space-MAITRI” joint mission between India and Australia to address space debris. Partnering with esteemed companies like Space Machines Company and Ananth Technologies, Digantara will integrate its advanced optical sensor technology into the Orbital Servicing Vehicle. This collaboration, supported by the Australian Space Agency, marks a significant milestone in space exploration for Digantara. These endeavors align with their mission to revolutionize space operations and contribute to the thriving Indian spacetech landscape, alongside other indigenous players.

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