DoorDash finances driver wages with tips to accelerate their capabilities

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DoorDash stated, each delivery driver will receive at least$1 from DoorDash plus 100% of customer tips.

In DoorDash driver can see the guaranteed amount but it is fragmented into amount of tip and amount paid from DoorDash.

Advocates and workers are making a request to the public to pay tips in cash to drivers to maintain transparency.

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If the sum received by the delivery agency is less than guaranteed amount then DoorDash will add the remaining amount to ensure drivers get the guaranteed amount and when the amount is more than Guarantee amount then the driver has to deposit extra amount back to DoorDash.” 

In DoorDash driver can see the guaranteed amount before accepting and rejecting the order. The amount of order solely depends on the size of the order, a distance of dropping order, order to be placed in person or not, traffic and other factors. 

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DoorDash has introduced a tip system for delivery agents. According to DoorDash statement, “For each delivery for you will receive at least $1 from DoorDash plus 100% of customer tips.The app quotes a $6.34 “sure amount” for the task –provided by DoorDash’s pay algorithm, introduced in late 2017 to evaluate the value of task that goes into a job. Initially, the driver puts a zero tip (the default is typically 15%). Thus DoorDash pays the complete $6.34. The driver then places another order from the same restaurant, specifying a $8tip in the app.

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After the delivery, he gets to know that he has made $9 total–the complete tip, plus the $1 minimum contribution that DoorDash pledges to make on all orders but the drivers are unable to see what fraction of guarantee value is from tip and DoorDash. This is creating a question in transparency for DoorDash because wages provided to drivers have not altered. So they said that DoorDash is using tips to save its money. On rectifying speculations DoorDash said, “We implemented this policy to ensure dashers get good compensation per delivery.”

According to the Los Angles Times investigation, Amazon Flex is taking the assistance of tips to subsidize its guaranteed hourly pay.

The process of assigning tip works only if customer specifies a tip to the driver while ordering if he didn’t pay a tip then the company has to pay a tip to driver from their end. But it’s not happening in reality. Therefore advocates and workers are making a request to the public to pay tips in cash so that 100% tip can be reached to the delivery agent. DoorDash and Instacart are prominent targets of these actions.

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