Dunzo: The Journey of a Whatsapp Group to Become a Successful Service Brand

Dunzo is a famous hyper-local service company, based in Bangalore. The dunzo application lets the users hire people, who are responsible for an errand for them or carry out odd jobs on their behalf. Dunzo was launched in 2015 as a small Whatsapp group by Kabeer Biswas, Mukund Jha, Dalvir Suri, and Ankur Agrawal. It began as a freelancing service to provide the users with delivery assistance.

Currently, Dunzo has turned into a hyper-local app-based service has is active in major Indian cities such as Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Gurugram. The firm provides deliveries of products from local stores with its bike taxi services as well, in Gurugram. The Bangalore based firm completes 30 million delivery orders every month, which includes buying medicines, groceries, picking up and dropping off cigarettes, potted plants, laundry and also dropping off house keys and cell phones to its owners that may have left them behind somewhere.

Dunzo joins users and delivering associates through a data-driven platform. Like Uber, the activity could be tracked from start to destination. The provided tasks can be edit through a chat box and even send relevant images for specific pickups or purchases. Direct online payment options through Dunzo Cash or other digital payment applications are also available.

In 2016, Dunzo raised $650,000 from companies such as Blume Ventures, Aspada Ventures as well as some angel investors. And next year, Dunzo became the first Indian start-up to have bagged direct funding from Google of $12.3 million.

Kabeer Biswa, CEO of Dunzo said, “Dunzo can also be called as a self-completing to-do list. The major benefactor for Dunzo is the customer, and we aim to provide trouble-free service for the user on the platform.”

Karthik Reddy, Managing partner at Blume ventures, also Dunzo’s essential investors remember that how the company made its investment in Dunzo based on word-of-mouth reviews, the database of almost 7,000 users that were attached to the product and the team’s single-minded, user-based approach.

Simple is one of Dunzo’s payment provider, which allows a user a multi-order purchase on one click. It sends a combined bill once every two weeks. 35% of the transactions are constant purchases, and the transactions through Simpl makes its easy-peasy for the customers.

Presently, Dunzo generates traffic up to 22 hours and the massive requests come between 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. with 50%-60% of transactions made by female users. Earlier, the firm’s average delivery time was 45 minutes, but with the fast and effective data-driven platform, the average running time has got down to 7 minutes per delivery. The firm aims to keep customers comfort as its base and its strategic industry alliances are evidence.

Dunzo is planning to expand the venture of Bike sharing, which will provide customers to travel from one location to a destination. Even after the past failures of two-wheeler taxi services in India, Biswas is hopeful to associate with the government to allow large-scale bike sharing in the near time.

Shubham Mishra

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