Photobook Start-up ‘CanWish’ is Taking Us Back to Good Old Days of Albums

Key Highlights

  • Photobook start-up ‘CanWish’ is changing the way of storing pictures.
  • CanWish also provides event-based photobooks such as Baby Photobook, Couple Photobook, Children Activity Photobook, College-trip Photobook, Valentine Photobook, and many more
  • CanWish provides its services across the country and will be soon working internationally 

Have you ever taken a photo album of your childhood, sat down and went through it? It is the best feeling ever, right? On every turn, you would experience a different emotion and recall so many sweet memories. However, we are witnessing the demise of physical equivalents of pictures. Photobook start-up ‘CanWish’ is teaching us the value of physical photos.

CanWish is a customized photobook start-up based in Mumbai. According to their website, Photo albums are an essential part of anyone’s life. People have all of their special memories gather around in an album. Touching and feeling those photos will reminisce every bit of that captured moment. 

In this era, where there is a big obsession with uploading on social media and getting more likes, CanWish is providing the service of tangible photo books. Researchers have proved that people are likely to be more affectionate towards the physical version of things, especially photos. They suggest, having a tangible photo book or album will provide a sense of ownership and safekeeping. 

The photobook start-up provides its services across the country. The company provides a pack of photobooks made of high-quality matte paper. Made under high-supervision, the standard size of every photo book is 5.5 x 5.5 inches. CanWish also provides program based photobooks such as College-trip Photobook, Valentine Photobook, Couple Photobook, Children Activity Photobook, and many more. 

Photos contain a spectrum of emotions, from sad, to happy; every picture can reminisce the captured moment. Every special moment will be experienced only once, but with photos, you can relive them as many times you want. 

Unlike any other photo book companies, CanWish accepts orders only on the mobile application. Rather than visiting a shop, you can easily place an order on the app. CanWish provides its services in tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well and delivers its product within 10 days.

Currently, CanWish provides its services across the country and will be soon working internationally. The photobook start-up is working hard and planning to take the thing to the next level. They are planning to expand their business via intense research and product/service improvisation. To book your customized photobook, you can follow these easy steps:

  • Download ‘CanWish’ Application on your android device
  • Select Your Album
  • Upload pictures and Customise your messages
  • Give your address or your loved one’s
  • Select the payment option
  • Open your pack of happiness
  • You are ready to go!

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