Zomato delists one of its delivery personnel after he was found eating food from an order

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After its delivery boy controversy, Zomato delisted one of its delivery personnel

Zomato will be transmuting 40% of it’s delivery executive’s transport source into bicycles and e-bicycles

Zomato is entailing to be a complete food business

Zomato is one of India’s top food delivering and restaurant discovery services. Founded in July 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, Zomato is now operating in 24 countries including India, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Brasil, and the United States and the middle Qatar and has augmented into a $2.3 Billion company. Zomato started its online food delivery service, with its competitor like Swiggy, Zomato does not have a delivery system. Customers place an order through Zomato application on their smartphones and restaurants would prepare the order and hand it over to the delivery staff of Zomato. Zomato also holds a stack of information about restaurants and locations. Zomato also helps new business owners to find set-up a location-based on the success rate.

After its delivery boy controversy, Zomato delisted one of its delivery personnel after he was found eating food from an order. To recuperate from the viral video, Zomato hired psychiatrist Rohit Garg to counsel its employees. Deepinder called it an attempt to build an environment to encourage professional help and for strong mental health. “We consider strong mental health to play a crucial role in vigorous and the overall quality of work-life, across all levels and stakeholders within the firm,” Goyal said.

Zomato is coming up with new plans to keep up marketing status. Recently Zomato announced that in the next two years they will be transmuting 40% of its delivery executive’s transport source into bicycles and e-bicycles. Already more than 5000 cyclists are operating in 12 major cities including Mumbai & Delhi NCR. Cyclists are allotted to deliver under 2.5 km of the radius using ergonomic delivery bags. Zomato has partnered with Mobycy, e-HORAN, TNT, Yulu.

Last year Zomato completed a decade journey in the market, founder Deepinder Goyal said, “It is all about being a part of every value in the food chain. Zomato is entailing to be a complete food business; that means possessing the entire succession. The idea is to get finer food for more people quotidian. In this task, we want to work and partner with our restaurant partners, and give them solutions” and an alternative of sharing his plans he gave a straightforward reply, “I can’t brief you. Two years back, I would have notified you of these things. But the level of fierce competition is a high-rise.”

Zomato is also aiming to reinforce against their rivals Swiggy. Rumoredly, Zomato is also in advanced discussions with the Delivery Hero, a Berlin-based delivery giant, to sell its business to the United States of Arab (UAE) and pursuing a $250 million deal.

Recently, Zomato had raised $39.74 million (INR 284 crore) in funding from US investor Glade Brook Capital Partners as part of its Series I funding round that started with Ant Financial’s $22 million (INR 1,539 crore) investment in November 2018.

Zomato finished FY18 with a 40% growth in revenues at $64 million (INR 446 crore). The company also cut its corners decreasing losses by approximately 73% to come in at $15.2 million (INR 106 crore) in FY18 as contrasted to $55.9 million (INR 390 crore) crore in FY17, according to a financial portfolio with the registrar of the companies. Comparing to Swiggy, Zomato’s competitors registered a 232% gush in revenue in FY18 at $63.3 million (INR 442 crore), with losses of $56.9 million (INR 397 crore).

Early this month, Zomato announced its expansion in 17 new cities such as Kottayam, Kollam, Khanna, Gurdaspur, Ambur, Deoghar, Bhimaavaram, Ongole, Srikakulam, Kadapa, Solan, Palwal, Rewari, Machilipatnam, Nandyal, Bulandshahr, and Shahjahanpur. This will make in total to 213 cities under Zomato’s operational areas with 1.8 lakh partners around the nation.

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Shubham Mishra

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