INIFD Mumbai – ghatkopar is prepared with online classes for fashion design and interior design classes in Mumbai

INIFD Mumbai - ghatkopar

Inifd Mumbai – ghatkopar is breaking learning boundaries for  education transfer.

INIFD ghatkopar is one of the fashion and interior designing institute which is conducting online classes for their student.

INIFD ghatkopar is located in ghatkopar Mumbai area. One of the reputated institute for fashion designing course and interior designing course in Mumbai. INIFD Mumbai – ghatkopar has huge campus for practical learning in which  more than 500 student came and learn new skills of.

INIFD ghatkopar has all facility for better learning for fashion and interior like AC classroom, comfort and spacious siting, experienced faculty, creative lab. Due to lockdown this infrastructure is for no use.

But that doesn’t mean this lockdown will stop us for learning. In lockdown we can’t move physically in classroom but we can bring classroom at home. Because for learning new skills we require presence on mind, focus, dedication and most important guide or faculty. Do INIFD MUMBAI ghatkopar has arranged all these on online so their student education wouldn’t affected.

How technology has supported this.

conducting online classes is quite difficult because of Internet connectivity issue, slow speed of Internet, device, concentration, lack of focus. But inifd ghatkopar is trying to overcome with all challenges and conducting online classes.

How inifd Mumbai ghatkopar are organising this.

INIFD ghatkopar has adopt many techniques to run Smoot online classes.

1 Regular classes

INIFD Mumbai ghatkopar are conducting regular classes because of this student are focused for that classes and it become daily activity.

2 student group

INIFD Mumbai ghatkopar form student group in which they will get classes and they can discuss online and clear there doubt online and after the classes they can discuss within the group. This group is also include faculty. So any doubt remain during the classes so they can connect after the class and resolve that.

3 key mentor classes.

INIFD Mumbai ghatkopar is also providing key mentor classes to their student. Mr. Manish malhotra. He will take fashion designing classes. When key mentor is taking classes its more interesting moment for student so they give full attention and its also help student to understand from key mentor.

4 discussion from industry experts

Institute is also trying to connect student to industry experts so student can also get industry outlook and expolusre. During this lockdown we can’t go outside for industrial visit but via virtually we can take tour and most important we can discuss industry challenge with industry expert.

5 home assignment

INIFD faculty is also giving home assignment so student have to sumbit. Due to this faculty can understand how much student are grasping in online classes and  faculty try to keep give interesting and engaging assignment to student so they can participate and enjoy that.

6 online quiz.

INIFD ghatkopar was conducting online quizzes during classroom time. Because it was fun to give quiz and give self assessment of knowledge. But during this lockdown this online quiz is also workable well because they are participating actively for online quiz. Till now inifd ghatkopar is getting good attraction on online quiz.

During this lockdown no one can move out from their home but during this lockdown our education shouldn’t stopped so inifd ghatkopar are making full effort with the help of technology, faculty and most important student are also enjoying this. We hope this lockdown will open soon and inifd ghatkopar can resume our classroom session.

SA Team

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