From Government Job to Entrepreneurship – The Story Behind GIGL India

GIGL - Great Ideas Great Life

GIGL Great Ideas Great Life, isn’t just another EdTech company; it’s a movement reshaping the landscape of education and accessibility in India. GIGL has more than 33 lakh users with a 4.8 ★ rating given by 1,55,000+ users. 

GIGL was started by Hemant Pant. Before that Hemant worked as an S.D.O in Himachal Pradesh for 5 years after completing his masters. Hemant left his government job as soon as his wife Jyoti completed her PhD in instrumentation engineering from NIT Jalandhar. They both moved to Bangalore with their 3-month-old son and were incubated by NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) 10k startups in Bengaluru. 

Hemant loves reading books a lot, and just because of his passion, he got inspired by a German application called Blinkist. This application was not for Indian users and definitely not for Hindi users who struggle with English. Hemant noticed that lots of people in India struggle to understand complicated English books. So, he decided to make summaries of those books in simple Hindi, making them easy to understand for everyone. Now Imagine getting quick summaries of awesome books right at your fingertips! 

GIGL was the first audiobook summary platform in India. Hemant created GIGL with only 10 book summaries with the commitment to provide at least 1 book summary in a week. GIGL has grown a lot since then! now GIGL has 1250+ book summaries and many video courses. And it’s not just in Hindi anymore, Dr. Jyoti (Co-founder) came up with an idea of making book summaries in different Indian languages, making it easier for everyone to understand, no matter where they’re from. Now GIGL has other regional languages of India too, like Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali. GIGL is more than an app; it’s a gateway to knowledge and empowerment. Currently GIGL is making summaries of all kinds of books, from the really popular ones to the old favourites. These summaries are available in free and premium versions. GIGL is educating people all over the country.

GIGL’s High rating showcases the love of users for the GIGL app. Not only that, but our neighbouring countries also appreciate what we are doing. Here’s a testimonial from Pakistan ( Pakistanis �� love this Indian �� App). It shows that now India is on a way to be an educational leader of the world. And this is just one of the many positive experiences users have shared with us. 

Hemant firmly believes that providing genuine value is the key to winning over users. And definitely the impact GIGL has made speaks a lot. Many users reach out to GIGL through social media, expressing their desire to donate to GIGL, while numerous students send us lengthy emails sharing their gratitude. By staying true to our users and learning from their feedback, we continue to grow and improve. Hemant always says “Explain difficult concepts in a simple way, as it would be understandable by a 5th grader of a Hindi medium student.” 

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GIGL is on a mission to make learning awesome for everyone. GIGL’’s journey is pretty inspiring, and I think your readers would love to hear about it. I request the team of this publication platform to cover a story on GIGL.


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