Ninjacart’s Rathnam Leads Agri Panel at IAMAI; WhatsLoan’s Gouda Joins as Co-Chair


Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • IAMAI appointed Pradeep Rathnam as chairman and Timmana Gouda as co-chair of its Agritech Panel
  • Rathnam prioritizes collaborative tech initiatives and inclusive access, bringing experience from TERA Finlabs, OYE Fintech, and others
  • IAMAI proposed resolutions for a chairman with executive experience in an Indian-based company, following past controversies

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), dedicated to championing the interests of internet and technology companies, has enlisted seasoned leaders from Ninjacart and WhatsLoan to spearhead its recently established Agritech Panel.

In this exciting development, Pradeep Rathnam, the accomplished fintech head at Ninjacart, assumes the esteemed role of Chairman for IAMAI’s Agritech panel. Adding to the dynamism, Timmana Gouda, the visionary founder and CEO of WhatsLoan, secures the position of Co-Chair, bringing a wealth of expertise to this influential group.

Pradeep Rathnam’s Vision as Chairman of IAMAI’s Agritech Committee

“As I take the helm as the Chair of IAMAI’s Agritech Committee, I’m thrilled by the vast potential this platform offers to collectively tackle the intricacies of our agricultural landscape. My dedication is unwavering in fostering a collaborative approach that centers around our tech initiatives, ultimately striving for inclusive access and advocating for robust public policies,” expressed Rathnam.

“During my tenure as Chair, I aim to shine a spotlight on the industry’s contributions, squarely addressing its challenges. The growth of resilient companies is not just pivotal for the ecosystem but is integral to the progress of our nation,” he added.

Before joining Ninjacart, Rathnam gained valuable experience at TERA Finlabs, OYE Fintech, Bajaj Finserv, Rupeezone, and Citibank, among others.

Timmana Gouda’s Outlook as Co-Chair of Agritech Panel

“Excited to play a role in this significant initiative aimed at uniting agritech and fintech sectors through the ‘Agrifintech Charter,’ dedicated to supporting Indian farmers. Collaborating with agritech companies, fintech firms, banks, lenders, and various players within the agricultural ecosystem, all under the umbrella of FCC and IAMAI,” expressed Gouda in a heartfelt LinkedIn post.

Boasting an extensive background spanning over two decades in investment banking, corporate finance, and consumer retail finance, Gouda brings valuable expertise to the consumer loans sector. His experience encompasses overseeing sales, credit, product development, policy implementation, strategy formulation, resource mobilization, distribution management, and efficient collections.

Before embarking on the journey of founding WhatsLoan, Gouda contributed his skills and knowledge to Karnataka Digital Economy Mission and Startupbootcamp, further enriching his diverse professional portfolio.

Insight into IAMAI and Recent Resolutions

Established in 2004, IAMAI is more than just an industry body; it’s a not-for-profit hub connecting the dots in the digital services realm. With a robust network comprising over 400 Indian and multinational corporations, it stands as a stalwart representative of the industry.

In a recent stride, IAMAI put forth resolutions that shed light on the qualities expected of its chairman. The proposal advocates for a noteworthy figure — be it a founder, co-founder, chairman, CEO, managing director, or executive director — hailing from an Indian-based company. Because when it comes to leading the charge, prominence is the name of the game for IAMAI.

In the wake of earlier controversies hinting at a potential bias towards major tech giants such as Google, Meta, Amazon, and Netflix, a refreshing shift has occurred within the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). The helm has now been entrusted to Harsh Jain, the visionary founder and CEO of Dream11.

Changes in IAMAI Leadership in Public Policy Committee

November brought winds of change to IAMAI’s leadership, particularly in its Public Policy Committee. The baton of leadership was gracefully passed to Vineeta Dixit, a distinguished figure and regional director for the Asia-Pacific region at Spotify. Steering the committee alongside her are the capable co-chairs, Sandeep Aggarwal, the innovative founder and CEO of Droom Technology, and Senthil Kumar, a seasoned expert in Public Policy and Government Relations at Ninjacart. Together, they symbolize a dynamic and diverse leadership shaping the course for IAMAI’s future endeavors.

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has appointed Pradeep Rathnam of Ninjacart as chairman and Timmana Gouda of WhatsLoan as co-chair of its new Agritech Panel. Rathnam emphasizes industry collaboration and inclusive access, while Gouda aims to unite agritechs and fintechs under the ‘Agrifintech Charter.’ IAMAI’s recent resolutions require the chairman to be a prominent executive of an Indian-based company, addressing previous biases. Harsh Jain was elected as the new chairperson. Leadership changes also occurred in IAMAI’s Public Policy Committee, with Vineeta Dixit as the new chairperson.

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