Magicpin Expands into Logistics Aggregation, Targets Daily Order Goal of 1 Lakh

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Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • Several 3PL providers, including Shadowfax, Dunzo, Rapido, Porter, Ola, and Zypp, will offer aggregation services.
  • The company promises hyperlocal delivery in 30 minutes, real-time workforce tracking, and order status updates.
  • Despite the newly launched vertical currently averaging 5,000 orders per day, it aims to surpass 1 lakh orders daily.

Introduction to Magicpin

Magicpin is a hyperlocal delivery startup that has ventured into the logistics aggregation space. The company offers a range of services, including product search, online booking, and delivery scheduling, to streamline the delivery process for both customers and local businesses. Magicpin is currently available in various major cities across India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. It aims to handle significant daily orders by offering services similar to Ola and Zypp. This move demonstrates its commitment to hyperlocal services such as real-time order tracking and quick deliveries within 30 minutes. Magicpin’s Velocity service emphasizes customer-centric hyperlocal solutions with features like real-time workforce tracking and order status updates.

Magicpin has ventured into the logistics aggregation domain with the introduction of its latest venture, Velocity. This innovative platform is set to provide aggregation solutions catering to third-party logistics (3PL) providers including Shadowfax, Dunzo, Rapido, Porter, Ola, Zypp, and several others.

Features and Functionality of Velocity

According to the company, Velocity pledges to deliver hyperlocal services within a swift 30-minute timeframe. Notably, it boasts features like map-based live workforce tracking, real-time updates on order status, and seamlessly integrated customer feedback mechanisms.

The company announced that their latest plug-and-play platform is set to roll out, offering seamless integration for businesses across the board.

In their official statement, the company highlighted that this innovative addition aims to tackle the hurdles presented by the diverse landscape of the logistics market. They emphasized how no single third-party logistics (3PL) provider has managed to grasp a complete hold either vertically or horizontally, owing to the dispersed demands of various brands.

Growth and Vision of Velocity

At present, the new vertical is processing around 5,000 orders each day, but its vision extends far beyond, aiming to ramp up to over 100,000 orders daily. Noteworthy is its clientele of 20 esteemed companies, including renowned names like KFC, Burger King, Rebel Foods, and Eat Club.

According to Anshoo Sharma, cofounder and CEO of Magicpin, the driving force behind this ambitious endeavor is Velocity by Magicpin. This innovative platform not only promises an unparalleled customer experience but also delivers cost-effectiveness and seamless integration, empowering businesses to flourish in today’s cutthroat market.

Sharma emphasized, ‘Our goal is clear: to scale up significantly and manage more than 100,000 orders daily, all while providing a unique and user-friendly experience for our customers.’

The official launch arrives about three months (or 75 days) after the experimental phase of the new platform, backed by Zomato’s support. According to Magicpin, during the trial run, Velocity managed to process 300,000 orders for over 20 different brands.

Expansion Efforts and Market Positioning

This latest addition comes at a time when the Gurugram-based startup has been swiftly expanding its operations, with a particular focus on extending its presence on ONDC. In November 2023, the hyperlocal startup handled over a million orders during the cricket World Cup matches.

Moreover, Magicpin recently incorporated Domino’s Pizza’s chain of stores onto the ONDC platform. Additionally, the startup struck a deal last year with the National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India (NCCF) and ONDC to facilitate online grocery sales.

In the competitive landscape, it squares off against contenders like PhonePe-backed Pincode. Notably, it’s also crafting a comprehensive SaaS platform for both sellers and buyers keen on leveraging the ONDC ecosystem.

Magicpin has expanded into the logistics aggregation domain with its latest offering, Velocity. The platform aims to cater to third-party logistics providers and deliver hyperlocal services within 30 minutes, incorporating features like live workforce tracking and real-time order status updates. With a current processing capacity of 5,000 orders daily, Magicpin envisions scaling up to over 100,000 daily orders, serving esteemed clients such as KFC, Burger King, Rebel Foods, and Eat Club. The official launch, supported by Zomato, follows a successful trial phase processing 300,000 orders for 20 different brands. Additionally, Magicpin’s strategic focus on ONDC and recent partnerships further solidify its position in the competitive landscape.

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