PedalStart: Nurturing Startup Visionaries with Mentorship and Acceleration


Three points you will get to know in this article:

  • PedalStart in Gurugram supports 10,000 startups and 800 founders through mentorship and an accelerator program.
  • Selecting 3-4% of startups, it earns revenue through advisory equity and a nominal onboarding fee, following a sector-agnostic approach.
  • With $350,000 in total funding, PedalStart plans to invest in 20-30 startups, accelerate 40, and aims to welcome 2,000 founders, showcasing stability.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are constantly seeking the perfect mentorship to guide them on their journey into the startup world. PedalStart, based in Gurugram, has ingeniously embraced this concept by providing a community-centric platform. Here, budding entrepreneurs have the invaluable opportunity to glean insights from industry experts, refine their ideas and skills, and engage in various enriching activities. Complementing this vibrant community is an accelerator program, adding an extra layer of support.

Since its establishment in 2021, PedalStart has witnessed remarkable growth, boasting a community comprising 10,000 startups, over 300 mentors, and 800 founders. To delve deeper into the intricacies of PedalStart’s innovative accelerator and community platform, we sat down with the co-founder, Manas Pal. Our conversation explored expansion plans, the unique working model, revenue streams, and much more, providing a comprehensive view of this dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

PedalStart is on a mission to foster a close-knit community of handpicked startup visionaries, carefully selecting no more than 1,000 founders each year.

According to Pal, the mind behind PedalStart, “We operate an accelerator within our vibrant community, identifying promising startups through a meticulous selection process.”

Sector-Agnostic Approach and Expansion Plans

Embracing a sector-agnostic approach, PedalStart ventures into agritech, insuretech, cleantech, healthcare, and network spheres, with a keen eye on expanding into exciting sectors like robotics, medical science, and deep-tech. The investment portfolio proudly includes groundbreaking startups such as, BetterSpace, Bull Agritech, OhLocal, and Rupid, among others.

“We carefully select around 80 to 90 startups from a pool of 1,000 companies to join our community, offering them a valuable three-month access period for extensive learning,” Pal emphasized.

Within this curated group, PedalStart identifies and supports 3-4% of startups in the acceleration space, leveraging a revenue model centered on charging advisory equity ranging from 2 to 4%. This approach serves as the primary source of income for the company. Additionally, a nominal fee of Rs 6,000 per company is applied upon onboarding, granting them entry into the vibrant community.

Pal clarified that the primary goal is to generate revenue through equity rather than cash. Notably, the platform actively invests in its accelerator startups and other promising companies, underscoring its commitment to fostering long-term growth and success.

Investment Portfolio and Funding Statistics

Founded by Pal and Aditya Darolia, PedalStart has seen an overwhelming response, with over 20,000 startups applying for community access. Among them, more than 1,500 startups have been granted entry, and the company proudly highlights its role in accelerating over 80 startups and providing funding to 15 companies so far.

Pal shares that the average valuation of startups within PedalStart’s portfolio falls between $1.2 million and $1.3 million. Each of these companies has successfully raised an average of Rs 60-70 lakhs. Pal emphasizes that the platform not only facilitates financial support but also nurtures small networks of investors, contributing investments ranging from Rs five lakhs to 50 lakhs.

Looking ahead, PedalStart envisions welcoming 2,000 founders into its community during the current fiscal year. The company plans to invest in a minimum of 20 to 30 startups and aims to accelerate the growth of approximately 40 startups. With a total funding of $350,000 to date, Pal affirms that there are no immediate plans for a new funding round, underscoring the stability and confidence in the current trajectory.

PedalStart, a Gurugram-based platform, offers mentorship and an accelerator program to budding entrepreneurs, embracing a sector-agnostic approach. With a community of 10,000 startups, 300 mentors, and 800 founders, it carefully selects 80-90 startups annually, focusing on sectors like agritech and healthcare. Operating on a revenue model centered on advisory equity and a nominal onboarding fee, PedalStart actively invests in accelerator startups. Having accelerated 80 startups and funded 15, it aims to welcome 2,000 founders, invest in 20-30 startups, and accelerate the growth of 40, highlighting stability and confidence with $350,000 in total funding to date.

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