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Mobile Premier League, is a Bangalore-based new startup that jumpstarted its journey in September2018. Since then the firm has been in the news for its marketing strategies. With e-sports platform like MPL, casual gamers in India are becoming more tech-savvy and investing quality their time on gaming application, finding this platform as a way to earn a nice and handsome amount of passive income.

Taking note of the latest news, it has successfully managed to seal the deal with a product engineering consultant firm, Crevise Technologies. It is a Pune-based firm that has worked with MPL earlier to provide its engineering services on a contractual basis.

This time, the Mobile Premier League has clinched the expertise of Crevise Technologies with a combination of cash and equity. It is more like an acqui-hire where Mobile Premier League is majorly interested to exclusively use the product engineering benefits and data-driven skills of the Crevise Technologies to make their own e-sports platform strong, reliable and fast enough for casual gamers.

With not only DevOps, but CloudOps, TestOps, Machine Learning, and complex technological business solutions, Crevise Technologies itself is one of the leading startups hailing from Pune. It started its operations in 2016 and since then it has earned a great corpus of clients like redhat, Tech Mahindra, Vodafone, Asianpaints, etc.

Going by the acquisition, Crevise Technologies is going to back up the team of 10 members of Mobile Premier League (MPL) from Pune itself for the nitty-gritty of engineering, DevOps and machine learning to make it a dynamic and most used e-sports platform for the casual and serious Indian and Global Gamers.

If I talk more about how perfect is the marketing tactics of the MPL, it actually is helping users earn cash amounts via tournaments and matches with an ample variety of 30 online sports games which is liable to increase in future, of course.

These games are primarily focused ongenres like Arcade, Adventure, Sports, Strategy, and much more. I don’t see the reason now how a normal user himself wouldn’t be enticed to try MPL’s platform at least once, given that, they are hosting regular live matches and tournament that players join.

In fact, Mobile Premier League has its prime focus on making the games, fun and enjoyable to play and not be too intricate or tough for the users to understand.

According to the claims by MPL, it has a userbase of 25 million current gamers, a majority chunk of which comes from the non-metropolitan cities. Currently, the MPL e-sports application is facing some technical issues, that is why users cannot find it on google play, but it is still available for Apple users as well as for the Android users who have already had it installed.

As an honest comment, Mobile Premier League’s co-founder and chief operating officer, Shubham Malhotra spoke with pride that the (Crevise Technologies) team brings their rich end-to-end product engineering capabilities to the table.

Promoting her opinion, Crevise Technologies CEO and co-founder Mukta Aphale spoke like a true leader.

eSports is becoming a mass-market phenomenon in India and MPL is spearheading it.”

Originally, Crevise Technologies was founded by Mukta Aphale and Atul Aphale in 2016 in Pune.

Even the CEO and co-founder of the MPL, Mr. Sai Sriniva Kiran G have stated earlier that his team foresees e-sports platforms like theirs as a profession in future for serious and upcoming gamers in India.

To pinpoint the importance and impact of this acquisition, it is imperative for the readers to understand the roaring era of the gaming industry in the Indian economy.

Games like PUBG and mobile penetration in India has brought a surge in India for gamers to make their stay on an application not just enjoyable but profitable as well. In such scenarios, vis-à-vis with the 4G speed and an unparalleled Jio network, it’s the new compulsion for startups or already mature firms in the market to up their game, literally.

Data in the form of personal or online information filled up players on such application is floating over the cloud and servers too fast for traditional strategists to follow through. Therefore, a collaboration of Mobile Premier League and Crevise Technologies has set an exemplary example in the market and we can only assume what is coming next when the CEOs of both the parties are determined to deliver only the best to the userbase and target audience.

In other news, it cannot be missed how the MPL has bagged an investment worth $ 35.5 million already by Sequoia India, Times Internet, and GoVentures, with active involvement of other investors.

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