Google Acquires Business Intelligence Platform ‘Looker’ for $2.6 Billion

Key Highlights

Google acquires Lookers, a business intelligence platform for $2.6 billion

Google Cloud holds the third position in the cloud infrastructure market

Google made this deal to strike at the competitor AWS and Microsoft in the cloud space

Google made the headlines this week when they made the announcement to acquire Looker, a business intelligence platform for $2.6 billion (INR 18050 crore) and adding the company to Google Cloud. The all-cash deal was to strike at the competitor AWS and Microsoft in the cloud space.

Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud made the announcement, “The amalgamation offers an end-to-end analytics platform to connect, gather, analyse and visualize data across Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, on-premises database and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) applications.”

Google Cloud holds the third position in the cloud infrastructure market, and acquiring Looker gives it an analytics firm with a robust track record. “Google Cloud is being used by numerous well-known organizations in the world for analytics and decision making,” Kurain added.

The last big deal for Google Cloud was the $625 million deal with Apigee, A platform for developing and Managing API proxies.SundarPichai, CEO, Google said in a statement, “We are thrilled to welcome Looker to Google Cloud and excited to work together to assist our users to solve some of their significant problems.”

Other companies such as Amazon and Microsoft were anxious to make a deal with the company which had generated more than $280 million of investments in the last few months. Google’s vigorously approached Looker and ended up making $2.6 billion deal.

The deal will combine Google’s in-house data analytics tools like Big Query with those set up by Looker. This combination of tools will provide users with a more outright analytics solution right from data ingestion to visualising results and amalgamating data and comprehension into their daily progress. It is evident that Google Cloud is one of the front runners in the data warehouse market, and Looker’s products will enable firms to make sense of the barrel of data they are gathering in the data warehouse. It later nourishes their potential to serve the requirements of enterprise customers while also promoting their commitment to multi-cloud.

What is Looker?

In a small span of seven years, Looker has been able to well run 1600 users and left behind the revenue mark of $100 million (INR 694 crore), which is a unique achievement for any company. As the hot analytics startup was growing 70 per cent year by year, CEO Frank Bien has been determined regarding buckling the BI and analytics market, and offer an advanced platform for data which could reconstruct a single view of information. With this deal, Looker would not leave any chance to gain the scale of Google Cloud platform.

In December, Big data analytics software developer raised $103 million (INR 714 crore) in series E financing. The round was led by AzimPremji’sPremjiInvest, Investment firm The recent funding brought total financing to $280.5 million (INR 1946 crore) since its launch. With 600 employees, Bien had also indicated of adding 200 headcounts following the essential cash infusion.

Bien had stated in a press release that they would view as their final round of funding up until something extreme occurs. Looker was also targeting an IPO for the coming time.

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