AgileCraft got sold out to Atlassian for $166 Million

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Atlassian bought AgileCraft for $166 Million.

AgileCraft offers probe for frameworks like LeSS, SAFe and Spotify.

Atlassian has also bought OpsGenie and Trello for $295 Million and $425 Million respectively

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Atlassian makes an entry into business strategies planning advice services by acquiring AgileCraft, a company that assists enterprises in planning their work and projects in a strategic manner. The deal between the two took place for $166 Million with $154 Million in cash and the rest amount in the form of restricted shares. AgileCraft service offers business leaders an opportunity to have in-depth knowledge about current status of technical projects and offers them a sagacious approach towards risks, bottlenecks, and dependencies of the projects. 

According to Atlassian’s co-founder and CEO, Scott Farquhar, “Many leaders are still not relying on data science for taking important decisions for their organization. They are taking decisions just by their experience and best guesses. As Atlassian’s tools are widely used by technology leaders in organizations to look after how precisely their team is working and by acquiring AgileCraft we are now the best company to assist executives in crafting work distribution strategies in their organizations. We provide all-encompassing views that connect strategy, work and outcomes.

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AgileCraft works on Agile methodology it offers probe for frameworks like LeSS, SAFe and Spotify. It supports pulling in data from tools like Atlassian’s Jira, but also Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server, IBM’s RTC and other services. AgileCraft has raised $10.1 million before being acquired by Atlassian. 

According to AgileCraft’s founder and CEO Steve Elliott, “We will continue our focus on our customers after being acquired by Atlassian too. We are excited to work with outstanding people at Atlassian and will continue to be devoted to pioneering enterprise agility. The recent acquisition of Atlassian by AgileCraft will help company to use more methodologies that tech team uses. 

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According to Atlassian president Jay Simons, “The main reason for acquiring AgileCraft was because from before it has very strong integrations into the existing Atlassian tools. The computer is looking to enhance its business by looking into additional patterns.”

On seeing Atlassian’s previous purchasing record, it buys one firm every year. In 2018 it picked OpsGenie for $295 Million and in 2017 the company did its major acquisition by buying Trello for $425 Million. Other major products the company has acquired include BlueJimp, HipChat, and Bitbucket, BlueJimp, Bitbucket, StatusPage, and HipChat. 

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