Zepto Partner to Expand EV Fleet for Efficient Deliveries

Battery Smart Overview:

Established in 2019, Battery Smart offers India's largest battery-swapping network for electric two and three-wheelers, promoting accessible, affordable, and sustainable EV adoption.

Partnership with Zepto:

Battery Smart has partnered with Zepto, a quick commerce unicorn, to provide Zepto’s delivery partners access to 1,000+ battery-swapping stations in 30 cities.

Goal of Partnership:

The collaboration aims to ensure a smooth transition to EVs for Zepto’s delivery fleet, enhancing efficiency and minimizing downtimes.

Battery Swapping Explained:

Battery swapping involves exchanging a depleted battery for a fully charged one at designated centers, reducing recharge time and boosting user efficiency.

Fleet Expansion:

Zepto plans to add 10,000 new EVs to its fleet by FY 2024-25, aligning with India's goal of 30% fleet electrification by 2030.

Benefits for Zepto:

Battery Smart’s network will enable Zepto’s delivery drivers to swap batteries in two minutes, ensuring minimal downtime and increased productivity.

Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS):

Battery Smart’s BaaS model lowers EV acquisition costs by providing vehicles without batteries, enhancing affordability and availability for delivery partners.

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