Venture Success: Capria's Fund Triumph & Kedara's $1.73B Close

Capria Ventures' India Opportunity Fund successfully closes at INR 153 Cr post-Awign exit, showcasing remarkable success.

Awign's acquisition by Mynavi brings substantial success for Capria Ventures, marking a significant return on investment.

Capria secures INR 75 Cr in the initial round of its India Opportunity Fund, demonstrating investor confidence in its vision.

Capria actively supports startups like BetterPlace, Cuemath, and Eduvanz, fostering innovation and growth in key sectors.

 Kedara Capital achieves a significant final close of $1.73 billion for its Kedaara IV fund, signaling strong investor interest.

Kedara Capital poised for impactful investments across diverse sectors, aiming to drive growth and transformation.

Norwest Ventures concludes NVP 17 fund totaling $3 billion, reinforcing its commitment to backing innovative startups.

 VenturES fund targets investments in India, Israel, and the US across sectors, underscoring its global investment strategy.

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