Pravis Invests: StreamO Revolutionizes Brand-Gamer Engagement

Pravis, founded by former Momspresso executives, invests in StreamO, an adtech gaming platform, targeting the Gen-Z audience.

StreamO, established in 2021, connects brands with over 20,000 gamers, primarily Gen-Z, surpassing 300 million subscribers.

Vishal Gupta, StreamO co-founder, highlights gaming's potential to engage Gen-Z, fostering collaborations with leading brands.

 Pravis co-founders Vishal Gupta and Prashant Sinha leverage insights from Momspresso to enrich brand connections via StreamO.

Prashant Sinha emphasizes the aim to amplify brand connections by 10 times within 12 months using Pravis' strategic expertise.

Tushaar Garg, StreamO CEO, anticipates accelerated growth with Pravis' support, enhancing brand-gamer relationships.

The partnership between Pravis and StreamO reshapes brand connections within the vibrant Gen-Z gaming community, driving industry impact.

StreamO's collaboration with Pravis signifies a transformative moment, unlocking the gaming industry's potential and redefining brand engagement.

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