Agilitas Sports' Path to Sportswear Market Leadership

Agilitas Sports Introduction:

Agilitas Sports is a UK-based sportswear startup specializing in high-quality athletic wear for athletes of all levels, prioritizing comfort, functionality, and style.

Acquisition of Lotto Brand License:

Agilitas Sports has acquired the brand license for Lotto, a renowned Italian sports brand, for 40 years, with plans to produce and distribute Lotto products across India, South Asia, and Australia.

Strategic Focus and Investment:

Agilitas intends to invest in enhancing Lotto's brand presence through innovative designs, supply chain optimization, and robust marketing efforts, aiming for a vertically integrated manufacturing system.

Omnichannel Distribution Strategy:

The startup plans to distribute Lotto products through various channels, including its website, online marketplaces, exclusive brand outlets, and other retail channels, implementing an omnichannel distribution strategy.

Partnership with WHP Global:

The collaboration with WHP Global, Lotto's parent company, marks a significant opportunity for Agilitas to enhance Lotto's presence in key global markets, particularly in sports hubs like India and Australia.

Future Expansion Plans:

Agilitas aims to introduce more brand acquisitions and new brands by 2025, leveraging its expertise and investments to establish a unique position in the Indian sportswear market.

Strategic Investment and Funding:

Since its establishment in 2023, Agilitas has secured significant funding from investors like Convergent Finance and Nexus Venture Partners, enabling strategic acquisitions and business expansion.

Path to Growth and Market Leadership:

Through its acquisition of the Lotto brand license and strategic investments, Agilitas Sports is poised for significant growth, focusing on diverse product offerings, innovative designs, and enhanced market presence.

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