Freshworks' Leadership Shift: Mathrubootham to Chairman, Woodside as CEO

Leadership Transition:

Girish Mathrubootham transitions to Executive Chairman, passing CEO role to Dennis Woodside.

Mathrubootham's Role:

He'll focus on long-term vision and AI integration, guiding Woodside.

Woodside's Background:

He brings extensive leadership experience from roles at Dropbox, Motorola, and Google.

Smooth Transition:

Mathrubootham and Woodside collaborated for 18 months, ensuring continuity.

Freshworks' Journey:

Founded in Chennai in 2010, Freshworks went public in 2021, serving over 67,000 customers globally.

Financial Snapshot:

Q1 2024 saw $165.5M revenue and $21.8M non-GAAP operating profit.

Share Value:

Freshworks' shares are valued at $18.25, reflecting a decline from the IPO.


With Woodside leading, Freshworks remains optimistic about future growth.

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