Digantara drives India-Australia space cooperation.

Introduction to Digantara:

Leading space surveillance and intelligence company focused on safer space operations and sustainable space governance.

Selection for Space-MAITRI Mission:

Digantara chosen for India-Australia joint mission to address space debris, backed by AUD 8.5 million grant.

Partnership with Space Machines:

Collaboration involves integrating Digantara's optical sensor tech into Space Machines' Orbital Servicing Vehicle for enhanced space object surveillance.

Australian Space Agency Support:

Support from Australian Space Agency enables collaboration, showcasing India-Australia partnership in advancing space exploration.

Founder and CEO's Comments:

Anirudh Sharma emphasizes joint efforts for sustainable space ecosystem; Rajat Kulshrestha expresses excitement for tech integration.

Ambitious Mission and Achievements:

Digantara aims to revolutionize space operations with innovative products and partnerships, backed by significant funding and new facilities.

Growing Indian Spacetech Landscape:

Digantara's involvement reflects the thriving Indian spacetech scene, characterized by government support and venture capital investments.

Impact of Collaboration:

Collaboration with Space Machines and Ananth Technologies marks a significant milestone in Digantara's journey and contributes to space exploration and governance goals.

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