Botsync Raises $5.2M to Expand Automation Solutions in APAC

Company Genesis:

Botsync, founded by four robotics experts, aims to drive Industry 4.0 with innovative automation solutions and mobile robots.

Vision and Mission:

Botsync’s goal is to become the leading automation solution provider in APAC, focusing on user-friendly, safe, and problem-solving automation systems.

Series A Funding:

Botsync secured INR 375 million in Series A funding led by Capital 2B and Betatron Venture Group, with contributions from IvyCap Ventures and others.

Funding Allocation:

The funds will enhance the syncOS platform and develop autonomous MAG Mobile Robots, supporting commercial expansion and improved customer service.

syncOS Platform:

syncOS, a no-code integration platform, connects various automation systems seamlessly, allowing users to optimize workflows without extensive programming.

Product Development:

Botsync’s MAG Mobile Robots automate intralogistics, replacing manual machinery like forklifts, streamlining manufacturing plant operations.


Major clients like Ford Motors, Caterpillar, Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Kimberly Clark use Botsync’s solutions to boost manufacturing efficiency.

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