The Yarn Bazaar: Transforming India's Textile Industry

Company Overview:

Founded in Mumbai by Pratik Gadia, The Yarn Bazaar aims to organize the textile industry by offering a centralized platform for yarn buyers and sellers.

Mission and Challenges:

The company addresses inefficiencies in marketing, advertising, purchasing, and sales in the textile industry, improving supply chain regularity and cost management.

User-Friendly Platform:

The Yarn Bazaar's app allows buyers to compare prices, request quotes, and choose purchase details, enhancing the purchasing experience.

Founder’s Vision:

Pratik Gadia founded The Yarn Bazaar in 2019 to bring transparency and fairness to the yarn buying and selling process, empowering small businesses.

Shark Tank India Appearance:

On Shark Tank India, The Yarn Bazaar secured a deal for ₹1 crore investment for a 10% equity stake, after negotiating with the show's sharks.

Funding History:

The Yarn Bazaar has raised $1.97 million across three funding rounds, with the latest Seed round in June 2023 securing $1.83 million.

Competitive Landscape:

Leading among 53 competitors, The Yarn Bazaar has a significant market presence, with competitors like Fabric Monde, The Design Cart, and XSTOK also in the mix.

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