Startup Governance: CII's Tailored Charter & Investor Scrutiny

CII's Role:

CII shapes India's development journey by collaborating with industry, government, and civil society.

Startup Governance Charter:

CII introduces a governance charter tailored for startups, guiding them through various growth phases.

Four Phases of Guidance:

Startups receive governance guidance in four phases: inception, progression, growth, and going public.

Importance of Governance:

Kunal Bahl underscores governance's role in decision-making, transparency, and investor trust.

Self-Assessment Tool:

Startups gain access to an online tool to evaluate their governance performance and monitor progress.

Corporate Governance Concerns:

Startup community faces challenges like financial mishandling, eroding investor confidence.

Investor Scrutiny:

Survey reveals heightened investor scrutiny, indicating the need for effective governance practices.

CII's Initiative:

CII's charter aims to address corporate governance challenges in startups, fostering trust and transparency.

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