Square Yards: Proptech Leader Surpasses ₹1,000 Cr Revenue Milestone

Revenue Milestone:

Square Yards achieved over ₹1,000 crore revenue in FY24, a 50% increase from FY23.

Holistic Proptech Platform:

Offering comprehensive services covering the entire real estate journey.

GTV Surge:

Gross Transaction Value surged by 76% in FY24, reaching ₹40,828 crore.

Expense Breakdown:

Employee benefits constitute 43% of total expenses, with a 17% growth.

Financial Targets:

Aims to achieve ₹1,500 crore revenue in FY25 with double-digit margins.

Growth Trajectory:

CAGR of 60% from FY21 to FY24, without external funding.

Global Presence:

Operating in 100+ cities across nine countries with a vast agent network.

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