Setu & Sarvam AI Unveil Sesame: India's Premier BFSI Language Model

Setu introduces Sesame, India's premier Large Language Model (LLM), tailored for BFSI sector in collaboration with Sarvam AI.

Sarvam AI secured $41 million in Series A funding, reflecting industry recognition of its linguistic AI potential.

Sesame leverages India's digital infrastructure to enhance credit evaluations, fraud detection, loan monitoring, and personalized finance guidance.

Setu and Sarvam AI blend specialized local data with financial insights to empower banks and financial institutions.

Nikhil Kumar emphasizes Setu's dedication to democratizing financial services using transformative technologies like LLMs.

Pratyush Kumar highlights the transformative impact of Generative AI, particularly in enhancing financial statement analysis accuracy.

 The collaboration signifies India's leadership in applied AI and the potential of linguistic AI applications in BFSI and beyond.

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