Revolutionizing D2C Logistics & Driving Growth by ShipEase

Investment Boost:

ShipEase secures substantial backing from JITO Angel Network, COGNIPHY.US, and MEITY for growth initiatives.

D2C Logistics Focus:

Specializing in SaaS logistics, ShipEase empowers Direct-to-Consumer brands with automated shipping solutions.

Experienced Leadership:

Founded by Pawan Kumar, Lalit Singh, and Ajay K, ShipEase benefits from seasoned professionals.

Tech-Driven Solutions:

ShipEase integrates advanced technology for real-time tracking, NDR management, and user-friendly dashboards.

Client Base Expansion:

Serving over 3,000 clients, ShipEase handles a million shipments monthly across 28,000 pin codes.

Market Growth Potential:

Positioned in a growing Supply Chain Management Market, ShipEase forecasts substantial expansion.

Financial Resilience:

Maintaining positive EBITDA and targeting double-digit growth, ShipEase demonstrates financial stability and growth potential.

Industry Impact:

ShipEase plays a crucial role in streamlining supply chains, reducing expenses, and enhancing efficiency for D2C brands.

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