Namma Yatri: Revolutionizing Ride Hailing Across India

Namma Yatri's Cab-Hailing Expansion:

Namma Yatri introduces cab-hailing services in Bengaluru, expanding beyond auto rides.

Nationwide Reach:

The platform extends services to Kochi, Kolkata, and Chennai, following its debut in Chennai and Delhi earlier.

Moving Tech Innovations:

Juspay separates Namma Yatri and other mobility apps into a new entity called Moving Tech Innovations.

Impressive Growth:

With over 210,000 drivers and 5 million customers, Namma Yatri completes over 27 million trips across seven cities.

Collaborative Ventures:

Namma Yatri collaborates with Google Maps and ONDC to enhance public transportation services.

Innovative Business Model:

Introducing a daily subscription model, Namma Yatri prompts industry leaders Ola and Uber to follow suit.

Intensifying Competition:

The Indian ride-hailing industry's competition heats up amidst Namma Yatri's strategic expansion.

Projected Market Growth:

With the sector expected to reach $7.36 billion by 2028, Namma Yatri's innovative approach positions it as a significant player.

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