Meta Expands GenAI Chatbot Testing to India, Eyes Data Center Plans

Meta is testing a GenAI chatbot for Indian users on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

The chatbot, called 'Meta AI', is powered by the large language model LLaMA and offers various capabilities.

Users can receive responses to queries, view suggestions, locate information, and create unique images using the chatbot.

Despite assurances of user data privacy, Meta may utilize AI messages to enhance its services.

The pilot program is part of Meta's strategy to expand its AI-powered offerings and engage users in emerging markets like India.

India, with its large user base exceeding 500 million on WhatsApp alone, is a primary focus for Meta's growth initiatives.

Meta's plans for a data center in India, particularly at the Reliance Industries campus in Chennai, further highlight its commitment to the region.

The company's improved financial performance in India, with a significant increase in net profit and revenue, reflects its strategic growth trajectory.

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