IN-SPACe and GalaxEye Earth Observation Revolution

 IN-SPACe: India's single-window agency in the Department of Space, promoting and supervising private space activities.

GalaxEye's Pact: MoU with IN-SPACe marks a milestone in earth observation technology, enhancing data collection methods.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: GalaxEye becomes the inaugural beneficiary of IN-SPACe's coworking and testing space in Ahmedabad.

 Drishti Mission: GalaxEye pioneers India's first privately-led fleet of Earth observation satellites, featuring groundbreaking sensor technology.

Innovative Sensor Tech: Drishti Mission introduces exclusive "Drishti Sensor," resolving cloud cover issues for consistent high-quality imagery.

Decision-Making Empowerment: GalaxEye-IN-SPACe partnership revolutionizes global decision-making with dependable satellite imagery.

'Make in India for the World':  Collaboration aligns with India's initiative, bolstering the nation's position as a space technology leader.

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